1000 lb Club

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

One of our awards at Capo wrestling is the “1000 lb club.”  It is designated for any Capo wrestler who lifts 1000 lbs or more combined in four core lifts: Power clean, snatch, deadlift, and back squat.

Congratulate Juan Hernandez, the only Capo wrestler this year to achieve this feat, at 1085 lbs total.  Congrats, Juan!

Getting this award in wrestling is extremely difficult, even though we count more lifts than normal (I’ve seen a few teams count only three: squat, bench, and power clean).  The reason is that on power clean we start the lift from the floor (rather than above the knees, aka the “hang” position), and wrestlers must go below parallel on their squat (another way to put it is that the “crease of the hip” must go below the knee), which is much lower than what most other high school strength programs go.  This lowers the numbers on both lifts considerably, making it more difficult to get into the “1000 lb club.”

The reason we do this for both lifts is simple: greater range of motion=more work.  While most of the speed and power on the clean happens after the bar passes the knees, starting the lift from the floor means the bar must travel a greater distance to get to the shoulder (the stopping point of the clean), meaning one must do more physical work to get the job done.  On the back squat, the same principle applies, plus, the hamstrings are not engaged much until the quads go below parallel.  We want more muscles engaged, more than just the quads, so we go low.

While some would definitely balk at this, saying, “isn’t going below parallel harmful on the knees?” we maintain that the benefits are immense and the so-called disadvantages are much ado about nothing.  Olympic lifters go below parallel on their lifts, yet no one is screaming about cartilege damage in the Oly lifting world. 

Come to think of it, we see kids in this position all the time, and no one balks there either:

Go here for a more in depth explanation from a trainer (crude language warning!!), especially at the end of the post.  In summary, while it might be good for some people to use scaled versions of the below parallel squat (example: as a step along the way to full depth), we feel there’s no reason to wince at going full depth.

Other announcements: San Clemente scrimmage–bus leaves at 8:30 from Capo this Saturday.  Should be done by 12-12:30.   First dual on Wed Dec 1–JV and FS start at 5:30, var at 7.  Will have lineups out in a few days for that meet and for the meets on Dec 3 and 4.  Lastly, our next booster meeting is coming up soon–Mon Nov 29 at 6pm in Mr. Bordner’s room (P19).  VERY important meeting, as it is close before our first home dual.

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