Wrestling: a Testing Ground for Improving the Will

Posted: November 25, 2010 in capistrano valley high school, high school wrestling, sports, wrestling
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The following quote is from Crossfit founder Greg Glassman.  He applies it to CrossFit, but I see it also applying to wrestling, so I’ve just supplied the word “wrestling” in the appropriate places:

“Wrestling is a testing ground for improving the will.  We see physical education as a primary vehicle for teaching virtues essential for achievement. For us, the world of physical challenge and achievement have become metaphors for harvesting life’s riches and battling its plagues…For wrestlers, highly developed human performance is art and personal participation in this art, at all skill levels, is a transcendent experience.”

Reigning 125 NCAA Champion Matt McDonough from Iowa. I bet his will is pretty strong. That'll probably serve him well after college, no matter what he chooses to do.


Couldn’t have said it better.

Have a great Thanksgiving.  Have fun, relax, eat (but not too much!  It’ll come back to haunt you.), and recharge your batteries.  See you Saturday for the scrimmage (bus leaves 8:30 from CVHS).

Lee Kemp, former NCAA champion, world champion, and HOFer. Currently a very successful businessman. How hard do you think he worked as a wrestler? How many times do you think he pushed himself past his limit, and how do you think that has affected his life as a businessman?

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