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Posted: November 29, 2010 in capistrano valley high school, high school wrestling, sports, wrestling
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Got a bunch of tidbits for you today, in leiu of our competition season starting this week:

*All duals this year will have a weight allowance of +2 pounds.  All varsity tournaments before Jan 1 will have a weight allowance of at least +1.  Stay tuned on the tournaments after Jan 9.  I’m pretty 5 Counties will have some sort of weight allowance, but I’m waiting on confirmation.

 Cossarek Classic: +1

Edison Beach Bash: +1

Mann Classic: +2


As for JV and F/S tournaments, stay tuned on that as well.  I was confident that they’d have a weight allowance too, but I just found out that CDM is scratch weight and so is the Laguna Hills Freshman tournament.  So rather than having my mouth write checks my butt can’t cash, I’m just gonna stay quite until I hear for sure.  I do know that the Lakewood quad is +1 though.

*What to bring foodwise to duals and tournaments: there will be a cooler of water and perhaps Gatorade at tournaments.  Other than that, wrestlers are responsible for furnishing their own food this year.  Bring fruits, nuts, sandwiches, whole oats, stay away from candy, anything with sugar in it (and its other names, like fructose, glucose, corn syrup, etc), gimmicky energy drinks, fried food, chips, and starchy/high glycemic carbs.   During duals, if you want to purchase something from the snack bar, God bless you, but stay away from some of the options.  Last year, for instance, I witnessed one wrestler buy and eat a meatball sandwich about half an hour before he wrestled.  He did not compete well that day.  In other words, be smart.  Review the Nutrition powerpoint I went over a while back, and review the nutrition handouts I’ve given you guys.

*You will likewise need to be smart in managing your weight.  If you are on the varsity and are cutting weight, you are fooling yourself if you think you can get down to a comfortable weight by only coming to practice.  If you are cutting weight, running/sweating outside of practice is necessary.  Best to workout more, not cut your food down.  Go for runs in the morning or after practice.  Jump rope.  Bike.  You should have started this a few weeks back.  DO NOT, and I repreat DO NOT, use the sauna, plastic sweat suits, or diuretics.  All are illegal and will negatively affect your performance.  Do not do what you did last year–make weight and then go pig out on the weekends.  I know some of you will try–you are only hurting yourself.  Do it right, and reap the benefits.   If you aren’t cutting weight, great, you can use that time to recover and rest, but otherwise, you gotta do what you gotta do and this means burning calories outside of practice.  Neglecting this (gradual and persistent weight management through smart eating and extra working out) will mean you will always be scrambling at the last minute to make weight, and this will take its toll over the long haul.

Daniel Cormier qualified for the 2008 Olympics, but had to withdraw the day before the competition because of foolish weight cutting habits. Procrastination burned his chance to be in the Olympics!

*Freshmen/sophs/JV guys, even though most of you aren’t cutting any weight, still, be smart about it.  If you are on weight the night before, and you go drink 32 oz of liquid after practice, guess how much weight that puts on you?  2 pounds.  Don’t be surprised, then, if you check weight in the morning and are overweight.  Food and liquid has weight.  Plan accordingly.  Most teens lose about a pound sleeping and about half a pound during the day, so you do the math and figure out what weight of food is safe for you to eat.  Bottom line: get to know how your body reacts to working out, eating, and resting.  A little planning and thinking ahead can completely eliminate surprises.

*Wednesday, everyone must meet at the wrestling room at 2:50, regardless of whether you are wrestling or not.  We need all hands on deck to set up the dual, so this is mandatory for all wrestlers.  It is likewise mandatory for everyone to attend the whole dual…do not leave once your match is finished.  Stay and support the whole team, and help for tear down afterwards.  Do not leave once the whole dual is over–we have to tear down and clean up!  This is a whole team task.  Parents, please support us in this effort and do not take your son home early.  Yes, that means a relatively late night, but this is part of being involved in an extra curricular activity.

*Bus departure times–look on our meet schedule posted on the website.

*Wrestlers will get singlets checked out to them on Tuesday.  Everyone will need to turn them back in upon the conclusion of the season, so treat them right. 🙂

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