Post Workout Nutrition

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Lineup, parent info, sports, wrestling
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The coaches have talked to the wrestlers a lot about post-workout nutrition. Getting in the proper nutrients after a workout is crucial for recovery and progress in training. Without going into the detailed science of it all, immediately following a workout, your body is extremely open to “sucking up” the right nutrients. This window lasts for about 45 minutes, then the opportunity closes. The key is to eat and drink the right stuff within about ten minutes. Doing so will increase energy for the next street workout exercises, and will decrease muscle damage and soreness.

So what is the “right stuff”? There is a range of stuff that works for different people, but a few things stick out. For most, a simple carb plus protein works just fine. For example, you could eat some strawberries or blueberries coupled with a protein shake (this is what I do after my workouts and this seems to work for me).

Returning NCAA D1 champion Kyle Dake of Cornell.

Another piece of fruit like a banana, grapes, or a yam are also good options. Raw milk (as opposed to pasteurized) mixed w/ a protein powder is another option. Some also swear by taking in “good” fat through nuts, but this doesn’t work for some.

The point is to experiment within parameters (this is NOT anything goes! No Inn and Out burgers post-workout!), pay attention to how your body reacts, and go with what works. If you are too lazy for the “observe how your body reacts” part ( 🙂 ), just go with a fruit and protein combination.

Pack it in the morning and take it with you in your gear bag, so you can have it right after practice. Don’t wait until you get home to make it and eat/drink it.

And….don’t forget: fish oil works wonders. It is one of the only supplements that I heartily endorse.

Addendum: Corbin Acuna will be JV 140 for Irvine, John Badger will be varsity 145 for Irvine, Jason Hou will be JV 145 for Irvine, and Jared Giles will be 215 for Edison (rather than HWT for Edison…He will still be HWT for Irvine though). Lastly, Ryan Merrill will be our 119 guy for Lakewood tomorrow.

The policies handout has been revised…second wrestle offs are now Friday Dec 17 and Mon Dec 20.

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