The Crucible of Wrestling–Do you Have What it Takes?

Posted: December 9, 2010 in capistrano valley high school, high school wrestling
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NOTE: the last day to turn in equipment fees and donations will be this Monday Dec 13.  I have quite a few guys who have been waiting on their gear, and I need folks to turn in their money for that so I can go ahead and make the second order…don’t want these guys who’ve already paid waiting any longer!

Chris Spealler, former wrestler, current Crossfit athlete. At 140 lbs, lifts more weight than guys twice his size. Through constant training, he has trained his mind to withstand anything. As a result, he is now one of the most finely honed athletes on the planet.

You ever get in the middle of a workout, practice, or match and just want to give up?  Of course you have.  We all have.  It’s especially daunting when you think the workout/match/practice is going to be easy, but then you find out otherwise in the midst of it. 

This guy's hurtin...but he's not stoppin.

Those times are good character building times.  My buddy Andre (one of my lifting partners) put it well recently:

I like to call those “sneaky workouts” because when you are starting round 3 and thinking to yourself, “what in the heck am I doing and why in the heck is this so hard?” Those workouts are character builders because you have an expectation of a level of intensity and difficulty and it turns out much worse than anticipated. I relay this specifically because of something I read the other day about not sweating the small stuff. Everyone has or will experience a character building workout and it is during those workouts that you find out what you are made of.  Focus on form, cadence, breathing or anything that takes your mind off the pain and those voices in your head thatsay “I can’t”  or “STOP”. The body has an amazing capacity for pain and endurance but the mind is what needs to be trained and that is what we work on every day.”


Think about that.  This is one of the chief benefits of wrestling.  Your manhood will be tested here unlike any other.  Wrestlers push their bodies well past ANY and ALL limits.  This holds on the mat, in the weightroom, on the track…anywhere.  We constantly train our minds to overcome the overcomable, whether its an opponent, an olympic lifting barbell, or a sprint.

The young men who make it through the crucible of wrestling have every right to claim the title “BEAST.”

Fellas, you might not feel this way now, but in due time, these moments of pain will reap a benefit unfathomable.

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