A New Phase of Training!

Posted: December 10, 2010 in capistrano valley high school, high school wrestling, sports, wrestling
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NOTE: a “volunteer project completion” form is now posted in the “forms” page.  For you guys who haven’t completed your volunteer service, you will need to have that filled out when you do so (Herrera, Z.Coley, Hernandez, and Goddard are the only ones who’ve completed theirs, *to my knowledge.*).  Remember that you must complete one volunteer service opportunity as part of the varsity letter requirement.  If you’ve already done one but haven’t told me yet, still try to get the form completed and signed by a supervising adult.  If you need an service opp, there will be opportunities that we’ll have for you…I’m just way behind on that. 

We are entering into a new phase of training, folks!  The last month or so has been devoted mainly to technique instruction, and lots of lifting before that.  That means most guys are out of shape now.  That’s not a big deal at this point in the season, but it does need addressing now, hence the “new phase.”  The important thing is to peak at the right time, so it is good to have different phases, or periods, where the focus and feel is different.  This is just what we need to do at this point in time to be hitting on all 8 cylinders in February.

Check out the action in the video!

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