Fans and friends:

The whole team is very greatful for the support and sacrifice you’ve given so far.  Through your efforts, we are able to provide many things for our boys that enriches their experience on the Capo wrestling team.

Not only have we been able to get gear and uniforms (have you seen our new singlets?  Rad), and pay for our tournaments, but we will soon be purchasing a few items to add to our budding strength and conditioning items (we already have bungees for pulling, tires, sledge hammers, jump ropes, and gymnastics rings…last year, we bought a new mat that the guys practice on every day…the softer mat has reduced injury greatly).

However, there is sooooo much more that the coaching staff wants to provide for the young men: more strength and conditioning equipment, custom singlets for master’s and state qualifiers, special items for CIF qualifiers, and more items to help us market our program to incoming freshmen.  In addition, a considerable number of our boys are from low income homes, and it would be great to provide them with the opportunity to go to a summer camp or two, an opportunity they might not otherwise have.  All this requires funds that we don’t currently have.

You have already sacrificed a lot, so the purpose here is not to ask for more from you, but to let you know we still need donors!  The more the better, so if you are aware of someone in the community that is looking for places to donate or high school teams to sponsor, send them our way!  A little can go a long way.

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