A few Cougars put up stellar performances at this weekend’s competitions!

We suffered a bit of a setback at Irvine (lost 27-39), but then rebounded with strong performances at the Santa Ana Frosh/Soph tournament, and the Edison Beach Bash. 

Michael Davis, a freshman, battled with a buncha sophomores and placed third at Santa Ana.  All who went performed well.

The Edison tournament was a very tough varsity tournament; with a field of 54 very talented, quality teams, the tournament was the toughest one we’ve been to in a few years.  Christian Hauser placed 6th, Dylan Beller placed 7th, Juan Hernandez place an amazing 2nd, and Victor Mendoza came out of absolutely nowhere and placed 6th!

...he scares me

Gentlemen, we are very proud of you.  Keep up the good work.  Dylan, you showed amazing athletic prowess this weekend.  After one of your losses, when your opponent shook my hand, he said, “that guys is HUGE!  You sure he’s 152?”  Christian, you are a beast and your hard work in the offseason is paying tremendous benefit.  Juan, you are now a force to be reckoned with.  Victor, in just a year and a half, you’ve come very far in your wrestling.  You have the potential to really raise some eyebrows this year.  Work hard in the practice room, keep the eye, and you will go far.  Michael, the word on the street is that you are preeeettty tough.  With the proper off season and summer work, brutha, you can be an absolute tornado in a year or two.

On to this week’s lineup.  We have Mission Viejo dual away on Tuesday (+2 weight allowance), Mater Dei at home (+2 as well), and the JV and F/S both will be at Downey on Saturday for a tournament (scratch weight).  We will be taking MANY extras to Downey.  Though we cannot garauntee you will get entry into the tournament (depends on if there are open spots in the bracket at your weight), we are going to try to get you in.
In addition, wrestle off challenges for those who want to challenge will be Friday and Monday (both wrestlers must be within 5 lbs of each other…no other weight rules than that), and the varsity will practice 8am Saturday in preparation for the Mann Classic the following Tues/Wed.

Victor and Juan with a proud coach Cordi at Edison

For MV and MD both:
103: Herrera, Z. Coley, M.Davis
112: Hauser, Monroy, Sheppard
119: K.Coley, Adam, Merrill
125: Daniel Bahmani (S. Johnston for MD), C. Davis, ?
130: Logan, Mellor, Bustamante
135: Grovom, Byrne, ?
140: Goddard, Acuna, Harper
145: Ramirez, Hou (for MV), Badger (E. Garcia JV for MD)
152: Beller, Angelini, J. Mendoza (pending)
160: Knecht, Tye, ?
171: Fitzpatrick, Farnoudi, ?
189: Hernandez, ?, ?
215: Mendoza, Uribe, ?
HWT: ???
For Downey, the JV and F/S wrestlers listed above for MV and MD will go.  In addition, the following extras will go (remember, there is a wrestle off Friday, so you might go from being an extra to being THE guy for JV/F-S…just keep that in mind):
Aragon (pending clearance)
E. Sanchez
*That’s it!  Courageous Cougar for last week comes out tomorrow…hint: he put in a great performance at Lakewood and CDM, and he’s been working like a monster in the off season. 

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