NOTE: A new page is up–pictures!  Click on it from time to time to see the Cougars in action…special thanks to Robin Adam for taking those pics!  They’re awesome.

This week’s “Courageous Cougar” award goes to none other than Jericho Uribe!  You’ve earned your stripes, son.  He stepped in this week and wrestled twice at varsity heavyweight.  Right now he is our JV 215 guy, and he weighs just a smidgeon under 200, so he displayed great heart this week in filling big shoes (literally!).  In so doing, he unwittingly gave the Capo faithful a moment they will never forget, and a moment coach Bordner will never live down: the “don’t shoot!” moment.  Yeah…one of those “you had to be there” things.  Just ask anyone at the Mission dual and they’ll fill you in.  Some of you are so giddy with joy (Goddard) because now you have something to rub in coach’s face.  Rub it in…while you can…remember: coach still “gots it” on the mat. 🙂

JV will be going to the Santa Fe 10-way duals on Wed.  Bus leaves 6:15 am.  10-way means there are 10 teams there, and each will be dualing each other, so Capo should be in at least 5 duals Wed.  Here is the lineup (first guy listed is the main guy…second guy listed is the extra.  Extras may get one match.  Main guys should be prepared to wrestle the majority of the time…+2 pound allowance):

103: Z. Coley, M. Davis

112: Monroy, Sheppard

119: Adam(?), Merrill/Burt

125: Mellor

130: Bustamante

135: Byrne (?), Harper

140: Acuna (?), Aragon (?)

145: Hou, Garcia

152: Angelini

160: Tye (unless he makes it to the second day of Mann)

171: Open

189: Farnoudi

215: Uribe (unless he makes it to second day of Mann)

HWT: open

–The guys with a (?) by their names are pending, because they were not at practice today.  If they do are not at practice tomorrow (8am), they will not be wrestling.  Tristan, that is why I have you listed at 119 as well…if Merrill is the main guy, you will be the extra.  If Merrill is the extra, you will not be going.  You will know your position by looking at who is at practice tomorrow.

Extras, if you are not wrestling in a particular dual, step up and help coach Morgan take stats.

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