New Year’s Day Practice

Posted: December 31, 2010 in capistrano valley high school, high school wrestling, parent info, wrestling

I hope you al had a good, relaxing break.

We had very low attendance at practice today.  Aliso Niguel came to practice with us, and though they only sent their varsity plus a few other upper classmen, they outnumbered the whole Capo team.  40% of our varsity was missing, two others arrived 30 minutes late, and one other varsity wrestler left early.  This is a problem that the coaching staff has been attempting to address (recall last post), so here’s what we’re gonna do to address this problem:

if you missed today’s practice, left early, or if you miss tomorrow’s practice, you must come to a practice at 8am on Saturday, January 1.  Failure to not come to that practice will mean you will sit out the next meet (lower level guys have El Toro on Tuesday, Jv/Var has the ASICS tournament, and F/S has San Clemente Rotary tournament.  For some of you guys that aren’t on one of our three lineups, remember, El Toro is one of your few shots to compete.  Don’t end up giving up that shot!).

Parents, the coaching staff again asks that you get behind this and support this effort.  Committment is a good lesson for the wrestlers to learn.

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