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Posted: January 2, 2011 in Lineup, parent info
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There will be a booster meeting Thursday Jan 20 at 6pm in room P19 at Capo.  All parents are encouraged to attend.

There are a few things on the agenda, but the most important is the following: I’d like to get started not only searching for some big donors, but also searching for/writing grants. I’ve been doing both over break, and just need some help with it. I feel that if we get a good team of parents on those tasks, we can find lots of $ out there, and raising 10-12,000$ for some much needed strength equipment (that we will be for us to use, not other teams) will be a very attainable goal. You know the drill: hard for one person to do it, but easy for a team of folks. Example for inspiration: my sister was able to secure a grant to purchase IPODS for her class room (she is a Spanish teacher in Chicago)…grant size was about 1400$. She didn’t have to do much to get it…things like that will add up, we just need to find them.

In other news, congrats to the two “Courageous Cougars” for the week: Geoff Mellor and Eddie Garcia!  Not only did Geoff go 5-0 at Santa Fe, but he worked his tail off Thursday and Friday in practice.  He normally works his tail off, but really pushed past the pain for two very tough practices.  Some guys sandbagged it and therefore they weren’t that tired at the end of each practice.  Geoff pushed himself past his limits, and as a result got much better workouts.  As for Eddie, this kid’s got a ton of heart.  During practice Friday, he had a few bumps and bruises that gave him some pain, but he pushed all that aside and kept going.  During our weightlifting workout, one of the coaches privately pointed out to me: “see that guy? (pointing at Eddie)   He’s got heart.  He’s gonna be good real quick.”  I agree.

Eddie: an asset to any team

Monday’s practice will be an all levels practice from 2:05 to about 3:35.  Those who were supposed to be at the Saturday practice but missed it will be staying after practice for some make-up conditioning.  That will last anywhere from half an hour to an hour.

Those of you who missed all three practices (Thurs, Fri, Sat) will sit out one meet this week…whatever meet you were normally slated to compete in.

Tuesday, the JV and F/S “B” teams will dual El Toro at El Toro H.S.  Friday and Saturday both the JV and Varsity will be at the ASICS Challenge tournament at Godinez H.S in Santa Ana.  F/S team will be at San Clemente Rotary tournament on Sat.  Bus and start times for all meets are on the schedule. 

The El Toro meet will be and always has been a meet where we are going to try to work in some guys who haven’t competed a whole lot yet.  If you are the normal JV or F/S guy and don’t get the start, it is nothing personal.  This is merely one of those meets where we try to get other wrestlers some experience.  Most likely, if you’ve wrestled more than 5-6 times this year, you will not wrestle at El Toro.  That being said, there are some weights where the “B” team guy will be sitting out due to missing practice, or there’s just no other guy we can put in.  In those cases, the “A” team JV or F/S wrestler will get the nod.  Here is the lineup for all the meets:

El Toro (Scratch weight):

103: JV–Cholula.     F/S–Gomez

112: JV–Villalobos.     F/S–Ferraro

119: JV–Adam.     F/S–Burt

125: JV–Guevara.     F/S–?

130: JV–Byrne.     F/S–Mellor

135:  JV–Harper.     F/S–?

140: JV–Aragon.     F/S–?

145:   JV–Badger.     F/S–E. Sanchez

152: JV–E. Garcia.     F/S–?

160:  JV–?     F/S–?

171: JV–Tye.     F/S–?

189: JV: Farnoudi.     F/S–?

215: JV–Uribe.     F/S–?

HWT: JV and F/S–?

Lineup for San Clemente Rotary (remember, those of you who normally compete on the F/S team and missed all three practices, this will be the meet you sit out.  Same goes for JV and Var guys at ASICS).  Weight allowance pending:

103:  Jeffrey

112: Villalobos

119: Merrill

125: Mellor

135: Byrne

140: Aragon

145: Badger

160: Lanham

ASICS lineup (+1 weight allowance on Friday, +2 on Saturday):

103: Herrera, Z. Coley

112: Hauser, Monroy

119: K.Coley, Adam

125: Johnston

130: Logan

135: Grovom

140: Goddard

145: Ramirez, Hou

152: Beller, E. Garcia

160: Tye

171: Open

189: Hernandez, Farnoudi

215: V. Mendoza, Uribe

HWT: Cordi (?)

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