Reminder: Booster Meeting Coming Up!

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Reminder: as previously announced, there will be a booster meeting Thurs, Jan 20, 6pm in room P19. 

ALL parents are encouraged to attend!  Your sons need your support!  High parent involvement is one  of the top three determiners of a team’s success, the other two factors being 1) a robust youth club, and 2) dedicated wrestlers that put in plenty of off season and in season work.  A coach can be VERY average, and strictly speaking, the wrestlers don’t need to be star athletes either, but with these three factors in place, the team is almost guaranteed to be stellar.

A good example of this was the team I was on in high school.  We were very average athletes.  Virtually none of us were great genetically speaking.  There was nothing very special about our coach either.  But, every single one of the guys on the varsity team had wrestled in the youth club, many since fourth or fifth grade, and our parents were highly involved and were a tightly nit group.   The parents were a weird group, you know…one of the dad’s names was “Peeper.”  That should tell you something.  But they were all highly involved and very close with each other.  The result: we won a team state title my senior year, setting a state record for points scored in the process.  12 state qualifiers, 9 state medalists.

I don’t bring that up to toot my own horn, because obviously that success wasn’t because of me.  It was a total effort, years in the making, not just of wrestlers, but coaches and PLENTY of parents too.

There are always plenty of things that need to get done that would improve the lot of this team considerably.  These tasks are daunting if the select few do them, but easy if a large team of adults tackles them.  That is where you come in…hope to see you there on the 20th and hereafter.

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