Archive for January 21, 2011

Thanks to all who came out to the booster meeting tonight.  It was good!  I, along with the other coaches, greatly appreciate your support, and hopefully, your sons do too (if not now, they will one day!).  Next booster meeting is Thursday, Feb 10 at 6pm.  Same location (P19).

And: if any of you still have yet to fulfill your community service credit, here’s an oppty for you: recycling!  Yes…on Tuesday, after our dual, a few parents will be taking our recycling from the equipment room and taking them to the recycling center.  When those parents load up up the stuff after our dual, just see them.  They will set up a time for you to prep the bottles/cans and feed them into the recycling machine.  Don’t forget to have that parent sign your form and then you turn it in to me.

Congratulations to this week’s Courageous Cougar: Jon Badger!  This guy has a future in wrestling.  In the last year he has developed a lot, and we are looking forward to seeing him progress.  He always has a great, positive attitude, he goes hard in practice and competition, and is an emerging leader on the team.  Keep up the good work, Jon!

Here's the Badger man, goin crazy on some poor kid.