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A few things here…

First, visit this website.  Tons of tasty recipes that are right in line with the nutrition principles we preach at Capo wrestling.  If you don’t know how to cook, kiddos, you need to learn.


Second, I gotta give a shout out to Russell Fitzpatrick and Matt Grovom.  Have you seen Russell wrestle lately?  Lovely.  On bottom, we teach a Peterson roll to a Granby Cradle, and what does Ruseell do at Laguna Hills?  Answer: a Peterson roll to  a Granby Cradle.  What’s more, he sticks the kid with it, which is unheard of.  On a shot, we teach getting the angle and grabbing the far ankle quickly, and what does Russell do last night Vs. San Clemente?  He does a nice sweep single and tenaciously gets to the far ankle.

What's with the crazy look, Russ?

And what about Matt?  He was sick last night, and he wrestled.  He’s a tough ‘lil buzzard.

Third, league finals is at San Clemente H.S.  Bus leaves Feb 5 at 7 am, meet starts 9:30 ish.  CIF is at Colony High School.  There will be no bus: parent and athletes will transport themselves.  We will leave Capo Thursday evening after practice for a Holiday Inn in Ontario.  Address: 2280 S. Haven Ave, Ontario, CA 91761.  Boosters have reserved 6 rooms for the wrestlers.  If you are a parent and would like to get a room, call 909-930-5555.

Fourth, I totally flaked–next week is finals week, which means we have a different practice schedule.  Sorry if the late notice brings any inconvenience, and I apologize for the scattered nature of the schedule (because of the block schedule and because we have a unique finals week schedule, practices are at different times).  In order to make it as easy as possible, there will be no split practice…it’s all levels.   Here it is:

Mon: 3-5

Tues 1-3

Wed 2-4

Thurs 2-4

Fri 11-1

Fifth, after this week, we are officially in our post season.  That means yet *another* change to the practice schedule.  If you are on a lower level squad and want to go out for a spring sport, you will be released after league finals.  You can transfer into that sport if you choose.  For everyone else, there will still be practice.   We will keep some lower level guys in the room to help out the CIF qualifiers, while the others will hit the weightroom or play ultimate frisbee outside.  At any rate, no matter which group you are in (group in the room or outside), here is the schedule (all levels):

Mon: 2:05 until approx 3:35

Tues 1-3

Wed 3- until approx 5

Thurs 1-3

Fri 3 until approx 5

*approx=practice could get out 10 min or so earlier, or 10 min or so later.

Friday Feb 18 there is no school and the varsity is at CIF, so there will be no practice on that day.

After CIF, we will take stock of who has qualified for Master’s and go from there.  Expect another announcement at that time….this is just the way the post season goes.

After everyone is eliminated, here will be the practice schedule for the remainder of spring semester:

Mon: 2:05-3:30

Tues 1-3:30

Thurs 1-3:30

We will lift weights the first part of 6th period, and will wrestle until about 45 min after 6th period.  Nothing on Wed/Fri.  In order to wrestle after school, you need to purchase an SCWAY membership card.  This card insures you for practice and it gets you into spring tournaments (though each tournament also costs $12).  The cost for this card is extremely cheap: less than $20!  That is a LOT cheaper than a USA wrestling card.  This is *mandatory* for each wrestler…it is a non-negotiable.  More info to come on how to pay for the card and more to come on spring tournaments.

  1. […] As posted, tomorrow’s practice will be from 1-3, but Wednesday we will be at San Clemente.  JV and FS, you guys have the day off.  CIF and varsity guys, be there suited up by 3:50. LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

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