Donors Choose Project

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Recently, myself and a few of the parents have begun looking for ways to raise funds for the wrestling team.  One of those avenues I’ve discovered recently is a teacher website called “Donors Choose.”  At that website, teachers submit needs/projects, and donors can go to that website to fund the project.

One of the limitations of the grant site is that you are restricted to a certain dollar amount when you submit your first few requests, but that’s not much of a limitation.  You gotta start small, you know.  It’s a great resource, and we are taking advantage of it.

Go here to see the project/request for our wrestling team.  The best way to make the best of this is to pass the word around your circle (maybe not the folks that gave to our direct mailer fundraiser, but others that you know..:) ).  The more people know about it, the bigger the pool of potential donors.

My sister, a Spanish teacher in Chicago, has made use of this website to fund a few of her projects. For example, in the matter of a few weeks, she was able to receive full funding (about $1200) to purchase four IPODS for her class.  Nice…

We’re working hard for the kids, and with a little push from each one of you, that can be exponentially multiplied.

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