*Remember the new practice schedule, and remember the “Donors Choose” project.  Spread the word!

*Wed this week will be our last wrestle off.  Lineup for league will be out after that. Remember, league is at San Clemente, and the bus leaves at 7am.

A big congrats to the JV and Frosh-soph wrestlers who competed this weekend!  At the South Hills JV tournament, Zane Coley finished second, Ryan Knecht finished first, Emanuel Villalobos finished fourth, Jason Hou finished fourth, Nick Lanham finished third, and Afsheen Farnoudi finished second.  At the La Costa Canyon Freshman tournament, Geoff Mellor finished second.  Tell you what: that tournament featured some great competition!

Little big man.

This week’s Courageous Cougar is Ryan Jeffrey.  This kid might not be the biggest guy on the team size wise, but he has a big heart.  He gets out there and scraps every go.  Ryan, keep it up, because you have a great future if you do.

Can I highlight a few other guys that deserve some recognition?  Ryan Tye: can we just give him a round of applause?  The hardest worker on the team, hands down.  That is why he was voted team captain.  He is a leader on the team.  Ryan, no matter what, keep that up…that’s why we love you!

Last but not least, I want to recognize Mr. Taylor Barrett.  He has been injured for much of the year, yet almost every day, he hits the tires hard, and without me having to get on him.  That is a good thing: for most wrestlers, when they are injured, I have to be harsh on them, cajole, beg, and plead to get them to work, and usually it still doesn’t work.  But Taylor has consistently worked out outside with the tires, and that deserves a hat tip.

Mr. Tye

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