*Check out highlights of the Penn St.–Iowa dual.  #8 Iowa upset #1 Penn St. at Penn St.  Also check out the crowd before the dual.  Some are already calling it the “dual of the decade.”  Probably overshooting things a bit, but still, it was electric.  Notice how hard these guys wrestled, and how hard nosed the Iowa guys were.  It’s wrestling like that that’ll bring fans into the gym…when you get after it on the mat, score like a machine, and don’t let up, that’s exciting.

Juan Hernandez

Here is the lineup for league finals.  Remember, bus leaves at 7am, meet starts at 9:30 ish.  +2 allowance:

103: Herrera, Coley, Davis

112: Hauser, Monroy, Villalobos

119: Coley, Adam, Merrill

125: Johnston, Mellor, C.Davis

130: Logan, open, Bustamante

135: Grovom, Byrne (?), Harper

140: Ramirez, Acuna, Aragon

145: Goddard, Hou, E.Sanchez

152: Beller, E. Garcia, Lanham

160: Knecht, Tye, open

171: Fitpatrick, Farnoudi, open

189: Hernandez, open, open

215: Mendoza, open, open

HWT: Uribe, open, open

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