Sky High Dodgeball Tournament

Posted: February 14, 2011 in capistrano valley high school
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Russell Fitzpatrick. This guy has stepped up big time this year. Keep the eye, Russell...


Note: JV and FS guys, keep in mind: if you are not in spring football or in a spring sport, you need to come to practice every day, whether you are injured or well.  The name of the game nowadays is to help prepare our guys for CIF and Master’s.  You need to be there for that.

On Monday evening, March 7, our team will be competing in a dodgeball tournament at Sky High.  This is a cool place: wall-to-wall trampolines!  This is going to be a blast.  Sign up today and tomorrow with coach Bordner, or post to the comments section.  Cost shouldn’t be more than $10.  The previous Friday, March 4, we’ll be going as a team to the open night (just a time where you can mess around on the trampolines) to case out the joint and have a general good time.  Cost for that is $10 for the first hour, $7 for the second.  Parent waivers to come soon.

This is going to be an awesome team builder, and all will have a great time.

  1. Donna Hauser says:

    Coach sounds great but we have plans that weekend… Our platform ready kid will be at STATE!!! Positive thoughts get Positive action !!!

    • Rich Bordner says:

      Hi Donna,
      As always, thank you for your positive thinking. Anyone who qualifies for state will, of course, be in Bakersfield that day. For the other 30 or so wrestlers, they may go to Sky High if they choose.

  2. […] have also asked about dodgeball.  I will not be there; it is merely an opportunity for individuals on this team to have fun […]

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