Jason Hou made a HUGE improvement by wrestling over 40 matches last spring.

The post season is right around the corner.  We talk all the time about the importance of off season training.  If you look at the guys who do well on the varsity level, chances are that they put in quite a lot of off season time.  These days it’s just not feasible to wrestle only three months and expect to do well.

That’s why we have an expectation on the team.  When the CIF season ends, your options are: 1) join a spring sport or lift with football, or 2) train with wrestling, lift like a madman, and wrestle off season matches. If you do not choose one of those options, my expectation is that you will not be wrestling next year. 

As previously posted, after the CIF season ends we will be training three days a week until 3:30 at Capo, and I will get out information about summer camps soon, but for now I want to highlight a few clubs in the area that offer spring training.  Rat Pack and Reign training center are two excellent options.  One other is Dane Valdez’s school.  He is beginning a session soon. Click on the link to see package information and to sign up.

Many of our varsity wrestlers go to one of those three clubs.  The bros. Coley, Michael Logan, and Ryan Tye all go to Rat Pack and have improved immensely.  Christian Hauser goes to both Reign and Valdez.  Look at his success this year for evidence of the worth of those clubs.  They are all well worth the investment.

Lastly, a little homework: we’ve utilized Flowrestling’s technique wave a few times during film time.  You guys need to be looking at technique and film on your own.  As a middle schooler, Olympian Les Gutches studied hours and hours and hours of film when he was home sick….so much so that he wore the VHS out!  That studiousness has a lot to do with his status as Olympian. 

The good thing about current times is that there are great resources literally at your fingertips.  Today, for instance, the TW features 14 different versions of duckunders.  TW is simply an awesome resource for expanding your arsenal.  There are hundreds of moves out there that we do not have time to work in the room, and by being a student of the sport, you can perhaps pick up a few of those to use against opponents.  Sign up for access to TW on your own, or you can see me and I’ll give you the team’s ID and password.

  1. […] about the SCWAY F/S/Jr. state meet.  For info on that, go here.  For info on spring training, go here.  Since we are in the planning stage for our own tournament, there has been no info posted on it […]

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