Juan did an excellent job at Master’s.  Though he fell short of qualifying for state, he gave a great effort, and went out guns a’ blazin.

He was victorious in his first match 9-3.  He suffered a setback in his next match, losing by fall.  In the wrestleback bracket, he then faced a wrestler from Northview.  Juan was in control the whole match, but after his opponent received nearly 4 minutes of recovery time due to an injury and blood time, Juan received a technical violation because he unintentionally poked his opponent in the eye.  This tied the match at 5 a piece.  It looked like Juan had the winning takedown in the waning seconds of the match, but the referee did not award any points.  The match then went into overtime, where he was, unfortunately, taken down.  This ended the tournament Friday night for him.

Juan, we are proud of you, and look forward to all the hard work you are going to put into the off season, and we are also looking forward to seeing it all pay off next year.

Here is a little ditty from legendary basketball coach John Wooden…I offer it as food for thought in lieu of our season ending:

Players fifty years ago wanted to win just as much as players today. Foot soldiers a thousand years ago wanted to win the battle as much as combat troops today. Athletes today have no greater desire to win than athletes at the first Olympic Games. The desire then and now is the same.

The difference is that everybody worries about it more today because the media and the attention they give to the question of who’s winning and who’s losing.

“Did I win? Did I lose? Those are the wrong questions. The correct question is: Did I make my best effort? That’s what matters. The rest just gets in the way.

In classical times, the courageous struggle for a noble cause was considered success in itself. Sadly, that ideal has been forgotten. But it is well worth remembering.”

If you don't know who John Wooden is, you need to find out...

-John Wooden

  1. ED CORDI says:

    Congrats to Juan and his coaches….here’s to hitting the “Big Show” next year!!! Cheers!

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