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Here is today’s FFT:

“It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It doesn’t matter how many times you almost get it right. No one is going to know or care about your failures, and neither should you. All you have to do is learn from them and those around you because… All that matters in business is that you get it right once. Then everyone can tell you how lucky you are.”

– Mark Cuban

I think that applies in the weightroom and on the mat, fellas…don’t be afraid to fail.  Go for it.

Speaking of the weightroom, here is a video of various snatch lifts…trust me, the snatch is more technique than anything else.  Hopefully after a while, if you guys work incredibly hard at it, your snatch lift will look *somewhat* like the guys in this vid..:)  Notice also that success in this lift requires quite a bit of flexibility and mobility…are you working on that on your own?  Gains in that domain will lead not only to gains in the weightroom, but gains on the wrestling mat and in pretty much any other athletic endeavor you try.  I offer this video as a visual to help you get your own technique nailed down.  (and: I apologize for the cheezy techno music):

*The next booster meeting will be Tuesday, March 22, 6pm in room P19.  It is the last one before our banquet and spring tournament (which will be April 16).  Much help is needed on both accounts, and it will be all hands on deck to get both done, so parents, please attend so you can be in the know.  The tasks are daunting if only the select few help out, but with many hands, the tasks are much more manageable, and everyone only needs to contribute a little in that case.

*CAHSEE testing is Tues and Wed.  Check for schedule info on those two days (click on “block schedule spring 2011”).  All sophomores are not allowed to workout in 6th period on Monday and Tuesday, but you still *MUST* be present in the class.  For practice, we will get out the usual time on Monday (3:30) and sophomores will be let out at 2:45, and on Tuesday we will go until 1:30.  Sophomores will be dismissed at the bell on that day.

I apologize for not getting out info about the 8th Grade Expo sooner.  While I usually post information in a timely manner, sometimes life and grading essays gets in the way, and every once and a blue moon I do not get info out.  Speaking of, the next few months will kind of be like that: I am trying to balance taking a Master’s degree class for my philosophy degree, a more intense pace and amount of essay grading, making the highlight DVD in time, and preparing for our daughter to be born.  I therefore ask that the wrestlers themselves step up and communicate information to their parents when I go over it in practice.  I will usually be able to get info out through the various e-channels as is the habit, but sometimes I will not. 

For banquet info, go here.  Some have asked about the SCWAY F/S/Jr. state meet.  For info on that, go here.  For info on spring training, go here.  Since we are in the planning stage for our own tournament, there has been no info posted on it as yet past the info that has been shared at our parent meetings.  Know that the date is April 16, and that all wrestlers are expected to either wrestle or help out at the tournament.  Participation is mandatory unless you are in a spring sport.  Come to the meeting on March 22 to find out more.

Some have also asked about dodgeball.  I will not be there; it is merely an opportunity for individuals on this team to have fun together. Nothing serious.  Think of it as if you guys were getting together to go bowling on a weekend night.  I would love for us to eventually be in the place where you all get together spontaneously on your own naturally, without it having to be a big, mandatory, “team” event.  My intention with telling you all about the tournament was to help start that vision become a reality. 

Therefore, those who are going should talk amongst themselves to form rides and get plans.  Waivers were disseminated at the Expo, or you can go to the website to get one (must present it signed by parent at the tournament site).  Those who are in the tournament have paid already, so you guys just be there by 6pm Monday and it should be all good.

Next, someone recently expressed skepticism on the value of some of the content on this website.  This brings up a good question: why should you care about posts on weightlifting philosophy, nutrition, how to develop mental toughness, wrestling technique videos, and how to recover from training well?  Here are some reasons:

1) I am your coach, and I care.  I see where this team needs to improve, and the content on this site is meant to draw attention to those areas.  If a post bears no practical value in improving the lot of this team, I don’t post it, period.  The best of the best pay attention to this stuff.  Nothing of what I do is done in a vacuum; rather, I look at what the successful teams and coaches emphasize, and I emulate.  The way I figure–good enough for Laguna Hills, good enough for us.

2) It is better that we all be on the same page.  By being in the know as to what the “best practices” are for success, you can help reinforce the teaching that happens in the wrestling room.  It kinda does take a village.

3) What your son does outside of the practice room is just as important to what he does inside.  I have seen plenty of kids who practice hard, but then totally shoot themselves in the foot by how they think, what they eat, how they sleep, and what they study/read/watch, etc.  If you have goals of being a champ but then pay little attention to what you put in your body, don’t get enough sleep, never look at any wrestling video, and never spend any time preparing your mind for battle, you are wasting your time and you should quit.  I recognize that might sound harsh, but it is nonetheless true.

4) Perhaps most importantly: at the first parent meeting, I showed everyone John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, and I pointed to it as a paragon of the ultimate goals of this wrestling program.  Wins are nice, but the ultimate goal is to shape your son into a well rounded man of character.  Everything on this website that is not parent info related is meant to help that goal become realized.  This website is supposed to be another screwdriver in our collective tool belt that we can use to help give our sons habits and skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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