*We are looking for people to donate cases of soda (any and all varieties, regular and diet) for the banquet. You can drop them off or send them in with your wrestler any day or time and we will be storing them until the banquet! Thanks in advance for your help!

*Reminder: please get your payment in for the SCWAY card ($17.50) and the banquet.  Both checks made out to CVHS wrestling booster.

*There is an SCWAY tournament at El Dorado High school on March 19, and one at Newport Harbor High School March 26.  You should go.  Full schedule will come as soon as the powers that be at SCWAY get it out.  The plan is to have 5 tournaments where everyone is expected to go, and outside of that, you can go to the other tournaments as you wish.  When the full schedule comes out, we will let you know which 5 tournaments those will be.  The incentive for getting 50 or more matches in the spring and summer combined is to have your ‘ol ugly mug on our promotional poster (yeah, remember that cool one with the plane in the background?  We’re going to have another one next year…but you must *earn* your way onto it by training hard in the off season!).  That means that if you want to be on that poster, you need to go to many more tournaments outside of the 5 that Capo “sponsors.”

*I just put some posts in the que for the next few days that contains some pretty interesting videos and links.  Be sure to check them out when the posts come up!


The Sky High Dodgeball tournament was an absolute blast!

Christian Hauser, Shane Johnston, Michael Davis, Jericho Uribe, Max Adam, and Jason Hou represented Capo at the Sky High trampoline dodgeball tournament.  They took out some mighty tough teams before falling to the top seeded team in later rounds.  Good job, fellas, and glad you had a blast.  The dealio is for you guys to do stuff like this on your own a lot.  Hey, grab a group, go see a movie, go bowling, go to Sky High on Friday nights…do anything.  The point is that it be clean, be fun, and that you do it together.

Christian Hauser and Juan Hernandez will be representing Capo this weekend at the SCWAY F/So/Jr. state meet in Lemoore.  Zane Coley will also be representing Capo at the USA wrestling F/So state.  That’s the ticket: gettin’ after it in the off season and searching out good competition so you can get better.  Spring/summer training makes winter champions.  Good luck fellas!

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