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Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

We talk a lot in the room about the importance of your lifestyle outside of the room.  Seriously, you can totally work like a manchild in the wrestling room but be wasting your time, simply by not paying attention to the “intangibles” outside of the wrestling room.  One of those is getting the right sleep.  Here is an article on the importance of sleep.  Go read it, seriously.

While some fellas are picking it up in the weightroom, a few guys have been slackin’ this week….you know, flippin a tire once every 5 minutes or so, punctuated by a bunch of chllin.  Hey, that ain’t gonna build mental toughness in you!  I know that part of our workout (the crossfit part) hurts and your body hates you the next day, but just think of the benefits you will gain in the long run if you stay with the program.  Here are some videos that display the benefits of fully giving yourself to the whole shebang (mobility, strength, and the crosfit metcon part):

The Crossfit Games Qualifying season started today.  Watch this bit on the type of athleticism required to perform well at it:

Here’s one about Josh Everett, S&C coach at UC Riverside, an original “monsta.”  Just listen to what he says about intensity and take that to heart:

And finally, here’s a vid on the CF Journal on one of the top wrestling teams in Utah.  They do the same stuff we do….hey, it works if you work it:
To view it, go to the CF Journal and watch the video.  Wrestlers, just use the same login and pw that you use for the Flowrestling Technique Wave.  For $25, you can get a subscription of your own and get access to some awesome Strength and Conditioning info.

If you push yourself hard at this stuff frequently, we’re talkin major mental toughness here!  You’ll be a monster!  But you gotta go through the crucible first.

  1. ED says:

    Sounds like Coach Bordner likes to win!!!!!!! Listen to him Guys! Win! Win! Win!….(Winning starts in the off-season Fellas… 🙂

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