Capo Tournament Set Up Time, Ad Drive Fundraiser, and USA Wrestling Schedule

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

*As previously announced, we will be hosting a spring tournament on Saturday, April 16.  Everyone needs to be in attendance, both Friday, April 15 for set up, and Saturday, April 16 for the competition.  Capo wrestlers can either compete or help out that day.  For Friday, set up time will be 7:30pm.  Unfortunately, due to some events going on Friday, that is the earliest we can get in there.  The quicker everyone gets there and the harder we work as a team, the quicker we can get done.  If everyone shows up on time and everyone works hard, we can be out of there by 9pm.  However, if wrestlers show up late and do not cooperate, it will take much longer.

Parents, it is incredibly important that we get the wrestlers there on Friday to help out.  If people skip out, we won’t have enough numbers to set up properly.  Do everything you can to get your sons there on time.

*As announced at the banquet, we will be doing two big fundraisers for this coming season.  The hope is that these two fundraisers will be successful enough so that we don’t have to do a bunch of other smaller fundraisers to make ends meet.  One is the direct mailer fundraiser, to be conducted in the fall (sending support letters to contacts).  The other is obtaining advertisements to be put in our program guide (the booklet given out at our dual meets), promotional poster, and highlight DVD.  

I gave out an explanation letter at the banquet.  If everyone chips in like they are capable, this fundraiser can profit $8,000 or so.  These funds will be used to help pay for tournament fees and much needed strength and conditioning equipment.  These funds are very important for our team, since we are responsible for raising the lion’s share of funds to run this team (the school pays for roughly 15% of our budget), and we did not raise the hoped for amount this past year.

The key is to approach business owners/merchants that you know with the letter/form given out at the banquet (or you can download one here) and inquire whether they want to take out ad space in our program/promo poster.  If you need more copies of the letter/form, simply see me and I will give you more copies.  It will also help if you have an example of the program guide and poster with you to show them (you can get one from me any time).  Dentists/family doctors/lawyers/restaraunt managers/construction company owners/ etc are all good ideas.  I myself obtained ads from about 15 people last year, and another parent had similar success.  The key is getting out there and asking!  Last year, not many chipped in and obtained ads, but the few that tried found great success.  Seriously, a business card size ad costs only $35.  That’s pretty inexpensive for a business.

Do not approach regular relatives/neighbors/friends.  They will be contacted through the direct mailer fundraiser in the fall.

There is an incentive for working hard on this: the top four wrestlers who get at least $300 worth of ads will earn a spot on our promotional poster.

It is important that you get right on it, as other teams are out there now obtaining ads for their own programs.  If you wait until fall, it might be harder to obtain ads.

*Don’t forget summer camps!  Get your registration and deposit in for Camp of Champs asap, and get registered for the Capo camp too!  Remember: for every kid you get to sign up for the jr. high/elementary age camp=$20 discount for your own camp experience (Capo camp only)!  See the “Summer Camp” tab for more info. 

*USA Wrestling is another wrestling organization (SCWAY is the other organization, which we are a part of.) that runs tournaments in the spring.  You must have a USA wrestling card in order to go to these tournaments (costs a bit more…do a google search for “USA wrestling card” if you want to purchase one), but you can try them out if the week’s SCWAY tournament isn’t feasible for you.  Below you will find the schedule.

April 9

Valencia (Placentia) HS

500 North Bradford Avenue

Placentia, CA 92870

April 16

Esperanza HS

1830 North Kellogg Drive

Anaheim, CA 92807

Lancaster HS

44701 32nd St. West

Lancaster, CA 93536

April 23

Segerstrom HS

2301 Mac Arthur Blvd.

Santa Ana, CA 92704

Quartz Hill HS

6040 West Ave. L

Quartz Hills, CA 93536

April 30

Laguna Hills HS (Freestyle and Greco-Roman Junior Championships, Association Dual Team Qualifier)

25401 Paseo De Valencia

Laguna Hills, CA 92653

May 7

North Torrance HS

3620 West 182nd Street

Torrance, CA 90504

May 14

West Covina HS

1609 East Cameron Avenue

West Covina, CA 91791

Highland HS

39055 25th Street West

Palmdale, Ca 93551

May 21

Villa Park HS (Folkstyle Junior Championships, Association Dual Team Qualifier)

18042 Taft Avenue

Orange, CA 92861

May 28 (Memorial Day Holiday)

Open Date

June 4

Marina HS

15671 Springdale St.

Huntington Beach, CA 92649

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