A Note on the Poster Incentive

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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In the past, I have given an incentive for fundraising: the top four fundraisers who raise at least $300 will earn a spot on the promotional poster for 2011-12.

I found out today, via a meeting with the head principal, that this is actually illegal.  Who knew?

So: I can’t offer that incentive to fundraise.  The incentive to get spring/summer wrestling experience, however (50 matches, and going to camps…I have yet to specify this latter one, stay tuned for it) is still in place.

It is my hope that you guys will still work hard in fundraising, for keep in mind that we must raise our own money, for the most part.  The things that we tend to take for granted can easily be taken away if we don’t raise the money needed for it.  We must live within our means and cannot have benefits that we cannot pay for.  This stuff all goes to benefit you, the wrestlers.  Keep that in mind as you decide how much to work in fundraising.

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