Posted: April 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

So this weekend there’s a few things going on.  First, there’s a USA tournament at Laguna Hills Segerstrom, and there’s an SCWAY tournament at South Hills (Covina).

However, if you are not planning on going to those tournaments, you can come see coach compete…yep, you heard that right.

For the past four weeks, I have been participating in the Crossfit Games Open, which is a six week competition qualifier leading up to the worldwide Crossfit Games.  The CF Games Open is an online worldwide competition.  Each week a workout is released on the website, and competitors then go to participating CrossFit gyms to perform the workout.   Once performed in front of a judge, the workout is logged into the website, and the website ranks everyone.  So far, there are about 20,000 competitors worldwide. 

Only the top 60 in each region make it to the “next level” (which is regionals), and only the top three at the regional make it to the finals.  I suffer from no illusions of grandeur, so I know my chances of making it all the way to the finals in July (at least this year) are about as close to zero as it gets.  But hey, why not get out there and see what you’re made of?  At least that’s my thinking.

You can catch me performing the fifth workout along with a handful of the best athletes in Southern Cal (click here to see a description video of it) this Saturday at Crossfit South County, 26941 Cabot Rd, Laguna Hills, CA 92653.  Heats start at 9 am.  The whole party should be finished at noon.

Coach, at a recent competition, demonstrating how NOT to perform a squat snatch. Post to comments if you catch the flaw.

Currently, I’m about 160th…..out of 820 competitors.

  1. marccordi says:

    get your heels down down coach!!

  2. Hauser Donna says:

    Call me crazy!! ill take a stab at guessing..Squat snatches need to be caught in the full squat position..heals down and body properly aligned..Ill go watch a video to get truly informed !!!

    • Rich Bordner says:

      Both of you are correct! Jolly good show, ol chap! Dang heels are up. Although: Donna, when the pic was taken, I was coming up out of the squat. I most definitely landed in a full squat.

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