Posted: May 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

…My wife and I are moving from La Habra to Laguna Niguel on May 21st.  Well, let me be more specific: I’ll be doing the moving.  My wife: not so much.  It is perilously close to Amara’s due date: May 30.  Let’s hope she doesn’t arrive before we move! 

Yeah-yeah-yah.  Don’t badger me about moving so close to the due date.  With tournaments and a bunch of other stuff going on, this is the least worst day to do it, trust me.  All that to say: I need some help!  I need as many brawny, buff wrestlers as possible to assist on that day.  It was hell moving our 300 lb TV (seriously…it was donated to us by a friend.  Turned out to be heavier than we bargained.  I think it is truly close to weighing 300lbs.) into our first apartment, we had to beg a poor unsuspecting neighbor to help us out, and I don’t think I’ll be able to do it again without help.  Aaaand lets not forget the couch, bed, etc.

We’ll have a U-haul, and can probably get it all in one load if we have enough hands.  The plan is to start the moving at 11am on Saturday, May 21st, and hopefully finish within a few hours.  We’ll need a bunch of guys to help with the moving (who will trail behind the U-haul to our new apartnment), and a handful to stay behind and clean the place up.  Meet at our soon-to-be old apartment, 941 S. Idaho apt 216, La Habra CA 90631.  When you get to the apartment complex, simply call and I’ll direct you to the right apartment.

Afterwards, we will have the first ever “bro-b-que” at the new place for those that helped out.  Food and drinks on us.  Good grillin’.

And after this, we’ll be within ten minutes of Capo!  Sure beats an hour plus drive to and fro every day.

Who’s in?

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