Next Level Invitational

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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*NOTE: we go back to a 3:30 release time this week.

*NOTE 2: This week’s tournament is a “big 5” tournament at Aliso Niguel.  Carpool leaves Capo at 7am.  We should have 20+ in attendance.  If you are thinking about sleeping in on Saturday, ponder the words in the video below (they are true of just about anything worth pursuing…life is a habit):

Hey, speaking of, yesterday, the Next Level Invitational CF event took place.  Check out some of the action:

First, a GIRL gets #225 on overhead squat.  I saw two other gals get the same weight.  Fellas, I hear lots of complaints about some of the stuff we do in the weightroom, like the overhead squat, along the lines of “I can’t do this” or “that movement hurts me.”  Ya know, that’s pathetic.  Time to stop whinin.  I don’t care if you say, “well….this girl trains this all the time.”  (she doesn’t) No need to beat her, but the constant complaints are crap.  Getting, oh, 60 lbs, without complaining, is not too much to ask.  Most of the time, the mental barriers you erect are your biggest enemies.

Watch a guy notch #300.

Here’s a vid of the last event: #95lb squat cleans, as many reps as possible in 4 min.  Light weight, but it feels heavy after a minute or two, trust me.

The first event featured my friend Matt, displaying tons of heart by getting a come from behind win.

Matt’s got the right perspective.  This is why I like the guy:  He’s nuts.  Note: he’s about 155 lbs, and you’ll never hear him complain about any of the events, especially the max lift events.

Going to watch one of these competitions can open you up to the possibilities of your own body.  Most of us have a ton of self-imposed limits, and we never really learn to look past them.  If you never get outside your own box and see the world, you can easily start thinking that those self-imposed limits are “normal.”  Watching (or even competing!) in events like this can and will snap you out of it….by the way, that applies to wrestling competitions like freestyle and greco state, and other upper level competitions.

Regionals are June 17-19 at Cal St. Long Beach, featuring quite a few Navy SEALS, the same kind of machines that eliminated OBL this past week.  You should strongly consider watching.

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