This is How to Get it Done

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

10:00 am: nothing packed.  Not even a pepper shaker.  Didn’t have a truck.  Didn’t even have boxes.

4:30 pm: everything is moved 30 miles south, all is unloaded, old apartment 100% cleaned and ready for inspection.

Now THAT is how you get a move done!  Thanks to the CVHS wrestling cavalry, you guys made it easy.

Russell, Juan, Jericho, Kevin, Jason Garcia, Eddie Garcia, Coach Igram, Michael Davis, Taylor, and the Ryan Tye family (thanks Sharon!) all helped out tremendously.  You guys rock!

Here are the top 5 moments:

5) Jericho, Kevin, and Michael getting left behind at the old apartment.

4) Coach Igram spending 2+ hours dismantling and putting the windows on the new apartment back together.  Now that’s what I call persistence!

3) Moving my 300 lb TV down 2 flights of stairs.

2) Moving my 300 lb TV back up 2 flights of stairs.

1) Feelin the love from the CVHS wrestling family!

Couldn’t have done it without you guys….literally!

I had to take the truck back that day, so the bro-b-que was postponed.  We’ll definitely have it for you guys in June, because we’ll be right around the corner!

  1. Dave Bordner says:

    I’m very thankful that so many team members and their families helped you move. I know that you appreciate them all. Thank you to the Capo Valley Wrestling Family!!

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