Puttin’ up with “The Suck”

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NOTE: next Monday, June 6, there is a scrimmage at San Clemente High School with San Clemente and a team from Arizona.  Starts at 2pm, which is during the school day (6th period, to be exact), and ends at around 4:30pm.  I am working on getting us approved to go.  Sit tight.  Also trying to get a bus approved, but don’t know if that will happen.  As of now, parents, plan on carpooling.  We will leave Capo as soon as the 5th period bell lets out. Bell lets out at 1:42, so lets try to leave by 1:50 from the Capo wrestling room.  This is a heckuva opportunity that we ought not miss.  Also, that same team from AZ will be stopping by our place the next day during 6th per.

NOTE 2: this week is strength and conditioning testing week.  Plan on doing maxes, and going through a Man Maker.  Any of you who went through Fight Gone Bad are also eligible for the 6x or 1000 lb clubs, but I must personally verify all of your maxes.  Bring your max sheet with you.  After maxes are completed, we will turn our focus to wrestling (not that that hasn’t been a focus…its just that we will not be in the weightroom, so we will be in the wrestling room more).  Summer camp at Capo will be a *little* strength work, but the bulk of the time will be spent on the mat.  As always, we will be focusing on some of our weaknesses on the mat, and reinforcing the technique covered in the C.O.C.  Summer league matches are a part of our Capo camp, so you do need to sign up for that camp if you want to take advantage of that opportunity.  You can do so by filling out the camp registration form handed out at the banquet and at other times, or you can just go to the Summer Camp Info tab above…:)


Note 3: This Saturday is an SCWAY tournament at Bishop Amat High School, 14301 Fairgrove Avenue, La Puente, CA 91746.  Starts at the same time all the other SCWAY tournaments.  While this is not one of our “big 5,” you are highly, highly encouraged to go, since last week’s at Loara was cancelled.  Since I will have other things on my mind that day ( 🙂 ), I will not be in attendance.  Remember what we talked about two weeks ago about bettering yourself through non-mandatory opportunities.

Last Tuesday, a handful of Capo wrestlers tested themselves against a workout called “Fight Gone Bad.”  It was a doozy!  First, a little info on the workout: legend goes, that Greg Glassman created the workout for renowned UFC fighter BJ Penn, for his training for one of his fights.  After the workout, a spent Penn, laying on the floor, reportedly said, “that was like a fight gone bad.”  Hence the name.

The workout is meant to reflect the time domain and metabolic demand of a UFC fight.  It has three rounds of five minutes each, with a 1 minute rest in between rounds.  Within the round, participants spend 1 minute each on five movements: wall-ball, sumo dedlift high pull, box jumps, push press, and row.  At the end of each minute, the partipants rotate to the next exercise without stopping.  Every rep they do equals 1 point, while every calorie burned on the rower (there is a computer that measures power output in terms of calories) equals one point.  A decent score is about 300, where elite athletes usually get into the 400 range.  It sounds easy, but is quite brutal.  It is one of many records we keep in the wrestling room.

Anyway, Ryan Tye, Michael Logan, Juan Hernandez, Russell Fitzpatrick, and Corbin Acuna all participated.  Juan came away with the top score of 329, but all gave their best and became better young men as a result.  Good job fellas!

Also, it is worth pointing out that a few days later, Corbin completed “Murph” completely as prescribed–with no pull up assistance, AND with a 20 lb backpack on!  He did it in 35 minutes, which is an awesome time.  Hot dang!

Here is a video interview of a few of the guys talking about their experience and what they learned (Corbin comes in at the end, right after finishing Murph.  He is, understandibly, a little out of breath.):


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