Archive for June 22, 2011

Reminder to COC folks: meet at my classroom between 8:30 and 9am Thursday.  We will leave as soon as I get checked out.  Mike Davis, you are taking Geoff Mellor and Ryan Jeffrey, correct?  I can take Michael Logan and Shane Johnston.  David Acuna, can you take Ryan Tye?  I think that covers everyone that needs a ride.  Just in case someone else needs a ride, I’ll have an extra spot in my car, and David, I think you’ll have one more spot?  If need be, we can tie Russell F. onto my hood.

Secondly, if you have yet to give me your filled out paperwork, and the balance due ($280 if you’ve only paid deposit and will be staying in the dorm) made out to COC Wrestling.  If you don’t have that, they will not let you join the camp!

Lastly, we had a surprise pint-size visitor today.  In my humble, yet always correct opinion, she was a big hit…:)

On her way to see daddy and a bunch of goofy looking teenage boys...