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So we all got checked in yesterday.  Though we (I mean, I) got lost on the way, things went about as smooth as you could expect.

We were all very pleased to hear that our first clinician would be 2x NCAA champion and OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST Kendall Cross.  Yes, you read that right: the boys are currently being taught by an Olympic Gold Medalist.  Shoot, he was doing clinics when I was in high school.  I had the pleasure of watching him teach back in 1997.  The guy hasn’t aged a day since. 

It gets better: today former world champion Les Gutches takes over the teaching.  Gutches is the second most interesting wrestler I’ve ever met (first being my former college coach Russ Hellickson).  Gutches is articulate and smart.  The boys are in for a treat.  I won’t be there, so somebody please tell me they are taping the sessions!

The guys are all taking notes…literally (I bought them notebooks!)…and will have  a ton to work on when they get home.

As far as the matches are concerned, most of the boys are getting what they paid for: a royal butt whoopin’.  Thursday night we faced La Costa Canyon, a team from San Diego, and Hamilton, a team from Arizona.  Both teams were nails tough, and both teams kicked our butts like nobody’s business.  Russell Fitzpatrick went 2-0, and John Badger went 1-1.  That was all.  I shared with the guys that this is what they signed up for, and will pay off big dividends in the winter.

Each day brings more of the same: 3-4 hours of instruction, and at least 6 matches, most of them against pretty tough guys.  Good stuff.  Next year, we need to have 30 guys or so go.  It’s worth every penny.

Russell, controlling his opponent on the way to a win