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Free Ticket!

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Ok, here’s the deal: my wife can only go to 2 of the 3 Crossfit Games days (remember, July 29-31, Home Depot Center), so we’re going to give one of the days away free..but there’s gonna be a contest for it.  Here it is.  To get the ticket, you must:

a) wrestle at least ten matches between today and Thursday at summer league,

b) wrestle in summer league finals

c) be the first to post to comments, correctly answering the following question:

“Which wrestler recently won two ESPY awards?  What is remarkable about this young man?”

Fulfill all three, and the ticket is yours.  We can discuss later what day you want to go.  If need be, I can transport you there and back.

I want past graduates to be in on this as well, so if you have graduated from Capo and want a shot at it, in place of a) and b), simply write me a one page or more letter in which you give advice to wrestlers still on the team.  What do you have to say to them?

And: none of you should EVER look at me like this–

This week is the last week of summer league on Tuesday and Thursday night (6:30pm, Trabuco Hills H.S…free!).  Our representation there has been pretty low so far, so let’s make sure we kick it in gear and have high numbers these last two days.

Saturday is summer league finals at El Dorado H.S. in Placentia.  VARSITY ONLY WEIGH INS are 7-8:30.  JV and FS WEIGH INS ONLY are 12-1pm.  Varsity starts 9:30, JV and FS starts 2pm.  Cost is $15

Weight classes for varsity: 95, 106, 113, 120, 126, 132, 138, 145, 152, 160, 170, 182, 195, 220, 285.  JV and FS are the same, but will add a 75 and 85lb class ***if needed.***

This tournament is a great one for you to get some good competition at your own level.  Lots of good teams show up–in the past, state champions Poway, Clovis, Selma, as well as all the OC big dawgs, plus some out of state teams!

Remember guys, you want to be on the poster.  Right now, we only have Shane Johnston and Christian Hauser (to my knowledge) as the only two guys who’ve accumulated enough points to be on the poster.  Several of you are close, though, and summer league plus summer league finals could put you over the 50 point mark.

Besides, apart from that recognition of a summer well invested, you get better as a wrestler.  Remember our two program goals for the off-season: get stronger, and get wrestling experience.  We’ve spent plenty of time working on strength, and we’ve had quite a few opportunites to get mat time too, this being one of them.  Don’t let these opportunities pass you by!

Reminder: the Crossfit Games is coming up July 29-31.  You should go.  Here’s some reasons why:

1) ESPN Magazine has called it “the best fifty bucks you can spend in sports.”  It’s a good show.

2) You and your wrestler will get to see the results of the methodology that is behind our strength and conditioning program.  Enquiring minds want to know…well, here you go.

3) Motivational.  I garauntee–or your money back–that your boy will come away from it motivated like never before to get off the couch, put down the video game controller, stop watching Family Guy, and go train harder, lift more, and generally murder anything that has weight within a 30 foot radius.   What parent doesn’t want that?  Seriously, there’s something about actually seeing it that inspires people.  When you see the athletes’ performances, their passion for fitness and overall mental toughness shines through, and you can’t help but be influenced by it.

4) I’ve talked about it before, but this methodology, more than any other strength and conditioning philosophy out there, meshes extremely well with wrestling.  The lessons you learn while wrestling the barbell, kettlebell, sandbag, or climbing rope when you’re so tired you can’t see straight carries over to wrestling.  I mean, listen to this guy talk about it, when he says at the end of the interview: “if it’s a cakewalk, it’s not fun.”  Isn’t that wrestling in a nutshell?   More than the physical adaptation, the boys adapt between the ears.  And again, you need to see it to get it.

5) Many former wrestlers will be competing….like Chris Spealler, who wrestled at Lock Haven back in the day.  At a little over 140 lbs, he’s a “little guy” in a sport where guys 40-50 pounds more than him are supposed to be the ones excelling.  He’s one of the best out there, proving that most obstacles these days are self-imposed.  I often hear many of the boys set up these imagined obstacles, and they take on a life of their own in their mind: “I can’t beat him, cuz blah blah blah…I feel bad today, so I just can’t perform…I’m a ‘little guy,’ so I can’t lift that weight and it’s unfair to ask me to” and on and on and on.  At the Games, it’s either put up or shut up, and guys like Spealler will…well…put up.  Here’s a video interview of him (no, he’s not my brother!).  Listen to him talk about “not being a victim” to workouts that he doesn’t like.  That’s a lesson most of our boys need to get:

6) And finally, there’s a life application to all this as well.  In CVHS wrestling, we look for character development that will extend past the mat, character that will stay with your son well after he hangs up his shoes for good.  Many wrestlers I’ve known have busted their tails in high school, only to totally hang up on fitness afterwards and live the sedentary lifestyle.  The health problems associated with such a lifestyle are often not too far behind for my former mat warriors.  CF is all about living long and strong…staying healthy into your 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s so you can be there for your wife, kids, and grandkids for a long time.  I’m not only hoping to inspire them to work like a horse for wrestling, but to stay fit and strong for the long haul.

Again again again, you need to see it to get it.  You can get tickets here.  Even if only for one of the three days, it will be worth it.

The policies handout, covering academic standards, wrestle-off information, practice information, and much miscellaneous information, has been updated for 2011-12.  You can find it permanently posted in the “about” tab above.

As far as questions go, I will, of course, answer any questions you have, but keep in mind that there will be a parent meeting in the fall, and you can ask your questions then.

One note about the parent meetings in the fall: if a wrestler desires to be on the team, it is mandatory this year that at least one parent or guardian attends the fall meeting.  I know that schedules might not permit for the first one, so there will be multiple meetings later for those that are unable to make the first one.  Finally, if a parent/guardian is unable to make any of the info meetings, s/he may schedule a private meeting with me by person or phone.  Bottom line: a parent/guardian must meet with me somehow before the competition season begins in order for a wrestler to be on the team.

Know that the spirit of this is not to make more irrelevant hoops for you to jump through, but so we can be sure everyone is on the same page in matters of crucial communication, and in the hope that we get greater parent involvement this year.

Here are the dates of the scheduled meetings:

Wed Sept 21

Wed Oct 19

Wed Nov 30

*all start at 6:30pm.  Please make plans to attend one of them, or arrange for an individual meeting/phone call if you absolutely cannot make any of those three.  BTSN, since it is so brief, unfortunately, is not one of the scheduled meetings.

In a previous post I offered a free hamburger to whoever identifies the most wrestlers in the posted video…well, we have a winner: John Brault, father of Ian Brault.  He was able to identify 15 wrestlers correctly.  Good job John!

He was actually the only guy that answered, so I don’t know what happened to the rest of you!  I mean, c’mon, free burger, you pick the place.  🙂

Here is the video again:

And here is an exact breakdown of (most) of the faces in the vid.  This is long, but fun (well, at least for me):

:07–Cael Sanderson, 4x undefeated NCAA champion, at a home dual meet.

:09–John Smith, 2x Olympic Champion, 6x World Champion, head coach of Ok. State

:12–Dan Gable, needs no introduction

:15–the late Dave Schultz–Olympic Gold medalist, 7x World medalist, all around ambassador for the sport (little guys who are bullied in school and those who are special needs kids, check out his bioThat’s something else, eh?).

:19–Stephen Abas–CA state champion, 3x NCAA champion, Olympic Silver medalist, Ninja, after his last match at the 2008 Olympic trials where he was defeated by Henry Cejudo.

:25–Rodney Smith, jump rope guru, greco roman wrestler.

:29–Zeke Jones, Olympic Silver medalist, current coach of the USA national freestyle team.

:31–Lee Kemp, 3x NCAA champion, world champion, member of the 1980 Olympic team that missed the Olympics b.c the U.S boycotted it.  The shot was while he was in college at Wisconsin.

:34–Bruce Baumgartner, 3x World Champion, 2x Olympic Champion.

:37–Kendall Cross, Olympic Champion, immediately before his gold medal match (he was a clinician at this year’s C.O.C camp).

:41–Nate Carr, Olympic bronze medalist.

:44–Terry Brands, 2x NCAA champion, 2x World Champion…he’s the guy Cross beat to get on the Olympic team….epic battle.

:50–Brandon Slay, Olympic Silver medalist, NCAA champion, double legging Russian monster Bouvasair Satiev (3x Olympic gold medalist) in OT in the opening round of the 2000 Olympics.  Slay won that match in OT.

:52–Kurt Angle, Olympic gold medalist, after he won the gold in 96…it’s true, it’s true.

:54–Gene Mills, I think.  Had a monster half nelson.

:57–don’t know

:59–Travis Lee, Cornell NCAA champ, after his title match.

1:01–J. Jaggers, 2x NCAA champ for THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES.

1:04–Rulon Gardner, after defeating 4x Olympic Gold medalist Karelin in the 2000 Olympic finals.

1:06–Dan Gable, after winning Olympic Gold.

1:08–Sanderson, after his 4th NCAA title.

1:11–Lincoln McLravy, 3x NCAA champion, Olympic bronze medalist, after his third NCAA title was won in OT.


1:15–Kenny Monday, Olympic Gold and Silver medalist, after his gold medal winning match in 88.

1:18–Ben Askren, 2x NCAA champion, 2008 Olympian.

1:21–don’t know

1:22–McLravy vs Chris Bono, 1997 NCAA tournament, in OT.

1:25–Brent Metcalf, 2x NCAA champion

1:27–Dustin Denunzio, NCAA all-american from Harvard.

1:29–Gable and Brands, after one of their wrestlers unexpectedly won an NCAA title in 1997.


1:31–don’t know.

1:32–Kary Kolat, 3x NCAA champion, world medalist

1:33–Mitch Clark, NCAA champion, in the middle of a 17-0 first period technical fall in the 1998 NCAA finals.

1:35–Greg Jones, NCAA champion

1:37–don’t know

1:39–Chris Bono

1:40–Kyle Dake, 2x NCAA champion, and he has 2 years left!

1:41–don’t know

1:43–Henry Cejudo, Olympic gold medalist, at a “Beat the Streets” fundraiser in Times Square.

1:46–don’t know




1:55–Stephen Neal, won a world title, then decided to play football for the Patriots.

1:57–Les Gutches, 2x NCAA champion, world champion, after his second NCAA win (he was another clinician at this year’s camp)

1:59–Kerry McCoy, NCAA champion, Olympian.

2:01–John Smith, after his first Olympic title.

2:02–don’t know


2:07 and 2:09–don’t know

2:10–don’t know


2:15–Jones, after NCAA title

2:16–Cross, after Olympic title



2:23–Dan Henderson, Pride fighter and UFC fighter.

2:25–Sanderson, 2008 Olympics; 2:26–Smith, after 1992 Olympic title; 2:28–don’t know; 2:29–don’t know

2:32–Jessie Whitmer, NCAA champion…didn’t have a varsity spot until his sr. year, then came out of nowhere at the 1997 NCAA’s and took it all.

2:33–Sanderson, during his second NCAA title match vs. Daniel Cormier.

2:35–Jaggers; 2:37, 2:38, 2:42 don’t know

2:44–Smith, during a supermatch with world and olympic champion Beloglozov of USSR.

2:47–don’t know; 2:49–Jayson Ness, NCAA champion, in a last second heroic move to win the title.

2:53 and 55–don’t know

2:56–Metcalf, about to lose an NCAA title match vs. Darrion Caldwell, pushes Caldwell as Caldwell backflips in celebration.

2:58–don’t know; 3:00–Coleman Scott, NCAA champion, in a pin in the finals match.

3:02–Steve Mocco, 2x NCAA champion and Olympian, foot sweeping a 280 lb grown man in OT in the NCAA finals.

3:04–Matt Lindland, I think

3:05–Kolat, in high school

3:08 and 3:10–don’t know

3:11–Dennis Koslowski, 1992 Olympic Silver medalist, greco roman

3:13–don’t know, 3:15–Ness, after NCAA title

3:18–Teyon Ware, 2x NCAA champion, after a title match; 3:19–don’t know; 3:21–Cross; 3:22–Bubba Jenkins, after winning NCAA title by pin.

3:25–Jesse Jantzen, NCAA champion, 3:26–Sanderson, after Olympic title match; 3:30–Eric Guerrero, 3x NCAA champion; 3:32–Abas, in college.

3:34–don’t know; 3:35–Joe Dubuque, NCAA champion, 3:36–Caldwell, after defeating Metcalf in NCAA title match (btw, Metcalf tech falled him earlier in the year!)

3:38–Smith, after defeating Beloglozov; 3:39–Slay, after defeating Satiev; 3:42–Anthony Robles, one leg wrestler, after winning an NCAA title; 3:44 and 46–don’t know

3:47–Lee Fullhart, NCAA champion

3:50–Melvin Douglas, world champion; 3:51–Max Askren, NCAA champion; 3:52–Cross, after getting on the olympic team; 3:54–Scott, after NCAA title; 3:55–Schultz

Bar-b-que Today, 2pm

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If you are coming today, text me at 949-307-4390 when you get there so I can open the gate for you.  Our gate is the last one on the left before Hidden Hills Rd dead ends.

I have parents come up to me frequently and express support of the program, saying “if there’s anything you need…”  Makes my job easier.  🙂

The best way to support the program is to emotionally support your son.  Come to the matches, be there for him when he’s beat up from the grind, help him get through said grind, and frequently tell him you’re proud that he’s a wrestler.

The second best way to support the program is in the area of fundraising.  As I’ve noted frequently before, gone are the days when the school picks up the bill for most things.  Now, the school pays for a few things but the team is responsible for more and more of the cost burden of running the program.  The costs of running the program are quite high–refer to the budget I’ve sent on email a few times.

In addition to necessities, there are always also a few “projects” we’re working on in order to improve the team and hence your son’s experience in wrestling.  Last year the project was getting a new mat and furnishing the wrestling room with record boards, a wall of fame, and various visual reminders of what we’re all about at CVHS wrestling (this project is ongoing btw…we’re always looking to make a better mousetrap).  This year, and for the next few years, the project will be to purchase strength and conditioning equipment such that we can effectively and quickly do strength training as a part of practice, without having to rely upon and schedule time in the weightroom so much.  We’ll still be in it from time to time after this project is completed, but we will have most of the needed equipment on hand ourselves and can get the job done much, much easier (it can be difficult to schedule time in there, for example).  In addition to that, the equipment will help us diversify our training.  The equipment is functional and incredibly fun to use, not simply another set of dumbells and a few nautilus machines.

But none of this will happen without you!  Another slogan I say a lot: many hands make the load light.

Here is a video displaying some of the equipment we’ve already purchased, as well as some of the things we’ve gotten for the wrestling room.  All have been purchased with the funds from our fundraisers.  I’m putting up this video in the hopes that it will motivate you to get involved in our fundraising efforts this year.  One fundraiser–our ad drive–is already happening and you can easily contribute to that one today.  The others will take place in the fall.  Rather than doing a bunch of labor heavy fundraisers that only garner a small amount (like car washes…horrible idea), we prefer to focus on a select few fundraisers with a lot of potential.  If only a few contribute, they will all be big busts, but if everyone does their part, they will be huge successes.

As always, in addition to you contributing to each of our fundraisers yourself, if you know any potential big donors looking for a place to invest, heavens ta mergatroy–send them my way!

Here’s another video of some more camp footage.  Our camp consists of 15 min strength work, then one hour working on new technique and hard drilling, followed by 45 minutes of hard, combative wrestling.  Good stuff.