Post Season Maxes

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Click on the link below to see the results of our spring lifting.  The “pre” was the maxes you did in April, while “post” was the maxes in June.  For the man maker, if you did the prescribed weight in April, I noted a “95,” but if you did prescribed in June, I simply put “rx.”  If there is an “x” in a column for you, that means you either were absent and did not complete the lift, or you neglected to write it down on the board.  Some of you need to do a better job of showing up, while others simply need to do a better job of following directions and writing down your max!


Don’t compare yourselves absolutely to each other…rather, compare your post to your pre numbers.  Are you improving?  That is the real question, not “am I lifting more than the guy next to me, who weighs thirty pounds less than me?”


The results were mixed.  Quite a few of you went up greatly (example: Zane on deadlift–45 lb pr! and look at the improvement on the man maker!  wow!), while others stayed the same or went down.  These numbers don’t lie fellas.  Follow the program consistently and with vigor, and reap the results.  Follow inconsistently and/or slack off (ie, do lighter weight than you should on the metcons, say you are hurt when you really aren’t, do incorrect or shorted reps, poor nutrition, etc) and that will show up on max day.  And we pretty much *all* need to work on flexibility…have you been doing your mobility wods at home?

Maxes Post season 2011

Camp is now, as well as summer league.  We only had one guy show up to summer league last night.  *Everyone* needs to go.  Those times are indespensable for getting better.  I remember we had quite a few team talks about you guys taking opportunities on your own volition, without coach forcing you to.  All you guys looked motivated and serious during those talks, yet when the chips are down, the follow through continues to lag behind your professed commitment.  We have always had a core group who are always dedicated (you know who you are), but continue to have too many do the same ol’.  For those of you in that latter category, this upcoming season will be rough.

Speaking of going the extra mile (literally!) our very own Christian Hauser is currently in the mountains at the Eternal Warrior camp.  Check out the video below to see some of the crazy stuff they are doing, and see if you can spot Mr. Hauser himself in the video.  Christian, we love you, but you’re making a private face…:)  Just kidding.  You go bro!  You are already pretty tough, but you’re gonna come back a man.  My bet is that you are going to rip some heads off this upcoming season.


Shane Johnston has already gone to three camps, and is going to at least one more.  Ryan Tye and the Coleys continue to do club, and Mr. Tye was our lone rep at summer league last night…what are you doing?


Tuesday and Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 at Trabuco Hills High School.  Get there.

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