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Check out the following awesome, awesome video using stock footage from as far back as the 70’s.  If this video doesn’t pump you up and get you all emotional about our great sport, you’re comatose!

Here’s a challenge for you: post to comments the names of all the wrestlers you recognize.  Bonus points if you can identify the match the footage comes from.  Whoever gets the most correct gets a burger on me.  I’ll post the answers (there are a few that I don’t know, however) Sunday or Monday.

A few announcements:

*remember: bar-b-que at the Bordner’s place this Sunday.  Lets start it at 2 instead of 1:30 (we’ll be heading back from church at around 1, and need a little time to set up).  You just bring yourselves…don’t worry about bringing any food.   Parents, you’ll have a chance to meet my daughter!

*Guys: you all need to get to summer league.  Our representation has been increidbly small there: only one has shown up each time.  Some of you continue to tell me you’ll show but haven’t followed through.  At this point, only two guys have made our promo poster.

*Speaking of the poster.  Remember the original criteria–50 matches wrestled in spring and summer.  Summer league matches count, all you need to do is record them on the sheets I hand you guys often.  In addition, I will give 20 points (so you’d have 30 left to earn to get on the poster) for an intensive camp like Eternal Warrior, and 10 points for camps outside of the Capo camp and COC (I cannot give extra points for those two camps, because you already get chances for many matches and hence points in those two camps).  Any spring/summer matches wrestled in club count as well.  If you wrestled weekly at Valdez, Rat Pack, or Reign=10 points (in this case, you need to get verification from the instructor of those clubs.  A signed note saying how often you attended or a phone call/email will do.  Just showing up a few times a month will not earn you any points).  I’ll give double points for major competitions, such as: f/s state, scway f/s/jr state, association duals, and CA state games (I think this comp has not taken place yet).  Bottom line: I want to reward those who go the extra mile.  REMEMBER: you must *verify.*  Just saying, “uhh, I think I wrestled 3 or 4 last night at summer league” will not cut it, so don’t try that.  I’ve given you a method to verify and earn credit, and you need to make use of that.

*Another reminder: the Crossfit Games are July 29-31 at the Home Depot Center.  We are gathering a group to go.  Very motivational.  The stuff you’ll see these folks do will boggle your mind.  For those wondering, our strength and conditioning program is patterned after the CF philosophy, so by going to this event not only will you see some incredible feats of athleticism, but you’ll see the kind of fitness our strength program aims to produce.  You can get your tickets by going here.  Even if you can only go one day, it’ll be worth it!

  1. Michael Davis says:

    :07–Cael Sanderson, 4x undefeated NCAA champion, at a home dual meet.

    :09–John Smith, 2x Olympic Champion, 6x World Champion, head coach of Ok. State

    :12–Dan Gable, needs no introduction

    :15–the late Dave Schultz–Olympic Gold medalist, 7x World medalist, all around ambassador for the sport (little guys who are bullied in school and those who are special needs kids, check out his bio. That’s something else, eh?).

    :19–Stephen Abas–CA state champion, 3x NCAA champion, Olympic Silver medalist, Ninja, after his last match at the 2008 Olympic trials where he was defeated by Henry Cejudo.

    :25–Rodney Smith, jump rope guru, greco roman wrestler.

    :29–Zeke Jones, Olympic Silver medalist, current coach of the USA national freestyle team.

    :31–Lee Kemp, 3x NCAA champion, world champion, member of the 1980 Olympic team that missed the Olympics b.c the U.S boycotted it. The shot was while he was in college at Wisconsin.

    :34–Bruce Baumgartner, 3x World Champion, 2x Olympic Champion.

    :37–Kendall Cross, Olympic Champion, immediately before his gold medal match (he was a clinician at this year’s C.O.C camp).

    :41–Nate Carr, Olympic bronze medalist.

    :44–Terry Brands, 2x NCAA champion, 2x World Champion…he’s the guy Cross beat to get on the Olympic team….epic battle.

    :50–Brandon Slay, Olympic Silver medalist, NCAA champion, double legging Russian monster Bouvasair Satiev (3x Olympic gold medalist) in OT in the opening round of the 2000 Olympics. Slay won that match in OT.

    :52–Kurt Angle, Olympic gold medalist, after he won the gold in 96…it’s true, it’s true.

    :54–Gene Mills, I think. Had a monster half nelson.

    :57–don’t know

    :59–Travis Lee, Cornell NCAA champ, after his title match.

    1:01–J. Jaggers, 2x NCAA champ for THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES.

    1:04–Rulon Gardner, after defeating 4x Olympic Gold medalist Karelin in the 2000 Olympic finals.

    1:06–Dan Gable, after winning Olympic Gold.

    1:08–Sanderson, after his 4th NCAA title.

    1:11–Lincoln McLravy, 3x NCAA champion, Olympic bronze medalist, after his third NCAA title was won in OT.


    1:15–Kenny Monday, Olympic Gold and Silver medalist, after his gold medal winning match in 88.

    1:18–Ben Askren, 2x NCAA champion, 2008 Olympian.

    1:21–don’t know

    1:22–McLravy vs Chris Bono, 1997 NCAA tournament, in OT.

    1:25–Brent Metcalf, 2x NCAA champion

    1:27–Dustin Denunzio, NCAA all-american from Harvard.

    1:29–Gable and Brands, after one of their wrestlers unexpectedly won an NCAA title in 1997.


    1:31–don’t know.

    1:32–Kary Kolat, 3x NCAA champion, world medalist

    1:33–Mitch Clark, NCAA champion, in the middle of a 17-0 first period technical fall in the 1998 NCAA finals.

    1:35–Greg Jones, NCAA champion

    1:37–don’t know

    1:39–Chris Bono

    1:40–Kyle Dake, 2x NCAA champion, and he has 2 years left!

    1:41–don’t know

    1:43–Henry Cejudo, Olympic gold medalist, at a “Beat the Streets” fundraiser in Times Square.

    1:46–don’t know




    1:55–Stephen Neal, won a world title, then decided to play football for the Patriots.

    1:57–Les Gutches, 2x NCAA champion, world champion, after his second NCAA win (he was another clinician at this year’s camp)

    1:59–Kerry McCoy, NCAA champion, Olympian.

    2:01–John Smith, after his first Olympic title.

    2:02–don’t know


    2:07 and 2:09–don’t know

    2:10–don’t know


    2:15–Jones, after NCAA title

    2:16–Cross, after Olympic title



    2:23–Dan Henderson, Pride fighter and UFC fighter.

    2:25–Sanderson, 2008 Olympics; 2:26–Smith, after 1992 Olympic title; 2:28–don’t know; 2:29–don’t know

    2:32–Jessie Whitmer, NCAA champion…didn’t have a varsity spot until his sr. year, then came out of nowhere at the 1997 NCAA’s and took it all.

    2:33–Sanderson, during his second NCAA title match vs. Daniel Cormier.

    2:35–Jaggers; 2:37, 2:38, 2:42 don’t know

    2:44–Smith, during a supermatch with world and olympic champion Beloglozov of USSR.

    2:47–don’t know; 2:49–Jayson Ness, NCAA champion, in a last second heroic move to win the title.

    2:53 and 55–don’t know

    2:56–Metcalf, about to lose an NCAA title match vs. Darrion Caldwell, pushes Caldwell as Caldwell backflips in celebration.

    2:58–don’t know; 3:00–Coleman Scott, NCAA champion, in a pin in the finals match.

    3:02–Steve Mocco, 2x NCAA champion and Olympian, foot sweeping a 280 lb grown man in OT in the NCAA finals.

    3:04–Matt Lindland, I think

    3:05–Kolat, in high school

    3:08 and 3:10–don’t know

    3:11–Dennis Koslowski, 1992 Olympic Silver medalist, greco roman

    3:13–don’t know, 3:15–Ness, after NCAA title

    3:18–Teyon Ware, 2x NCAA champion, after a title match; 3:19–don’t know; 3:21–Cross; 3:22–Bubba Jenkins, after winning NCAA title by pin.

    3:25–Jesse Jantzen, NCAA champion, 3:26–Sanderson, after Olympic title match; 3:30–Eric Guerrero, 3x NCAA champion; 3:32–Abas, in college.

    3:34–don’t know; 3:35–Joe Dubuque, NCAA champion, 3:36–Caldwell, after defeating Metcalf in NCAA title match (btw, Metcalf tech falled him earlier in the year!)

    3:38–Smith, after defeating Beloglozov; 3:39–Slay, after defeating Satiev; 3:42–Anthony Robles, one leg wrestler, after winning an NCAA title; 3:44 and 46–don’t know

    3:47–Lee Fullhart, NCAA champion

    3:50–Melvin Douglas, world champion; 3:51–Max Askren, NCAA champion; 3:52–Cross, after getting on the olympic team; 3:54–Scott, after NCAA title; 3:55–Schultz

  2. Michael Davis says:

    i win haha

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