Policies Handout Updated

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The policies handout, covering academic standards, wrestle-off information, practice information, and much miscellaneous information, has been updated for 2011-12.  You can find it permanently posted in the “about” tab above.

As far as questions go, I will, of course, answer any questions you have, but keep in mind that there will be a parent meeting in the fall, and you can ask your questions then.

One note about the parent meetings in the fall: if a wrestler desires to be on the team, it is mandatory this year that at least one parent or guardian attends the fall meeting.  I know that schedules might not permit for the first one, so there will be multiple meetings later for those that are unable to make the first one.  Finally, if a parent/guardian is unable to make any of the info meetings, s/he may schedule a private meeting with me by person or phone.  Bottom line: a parent/guardian must meet with me somehow before the competition season begins in order for a wrestler to be on the team.

Know that the spirit of this is not to make more irrelevant hoops for you to jump through, but so we can be sure everyone is on the same page in matters of crucial communication, and in the hope that we get greater parent involvement this year.

Here are the dates of the scheduled meetings:

Wed Sept 21

Wed Oct 19

Wed Nov 30

*all start at 6:30pm.  Please make plans to attend one of them, or arrange for an individual meeting/phone call if you absolutely cannot make any of those three.  BTSN, since it is so brief, unfortunately, is not one of the scheduled meetings.

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