A Bunch of Jacked Old Men

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This weekend, Mike Davis, Corbin Acuna and I went to the 2011 Reebok Crossfit Games at the Home Depot Center in Carson.  Definitely inspirational.  The athletes were doing ca-razy things, pushing their bodies and minds to the limit.  Here’s some video of the action.

First, before and between events, we had plenty to do:

Here’s film of the Master’s events.  Folks, just FYI: many of these competitors are over 60 years of age, all of them over 45.  Proof positive that mom, dad, grandma and grandpa can still kick your tail.  Also FYI, those green military jugs you see the men carrying are 150lbs…each.  The ladies were carrying 70 lb kettlebells.  I like how the lady at the end totally eats it, but then gets back up and finishes the workout, no drama.

Notice a few things.  First, see how the competitors, after they finish their workout, stay on and cheer on their fellow competitors who haven’t finished.  Second, there is no “I can’t” for these folks.  They don’t play victim to the workout, and no matter if they are good at skills required or bad, they put up and give it their all.  These seniors do things we do every day.  Third, noticed how JACKED they are!!   Wrestlers, take notice…

Finally, here’s footage of the main individual division.  The bald guy (no relation to me) is Chris Spealler, a fan favorite.  A former wrestler, he weighs only 145 lbs, but competed in workouts that featured weights that were difficult for 200lb guys to lift….no complaint from him ever.  He just got the job done.  He didn’t do too bad: finished top 10.  My favorite moment was in the “monkey bar cage” workout, where Josh Bridges (the guy in blue) comes from out of nowhere to win it at the last second, passing the leader (in green) on the last turn.

Btw, the weight you see the women pushing in the push sled workout is 275 lbs…men had to do 375.

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