The First Day

Posted: August 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

*We’ll just have a general orientation/captains talk the first day, so we will not be dressing out.  But: that doesn’t mean its a goof off day!


*We will be starting our training the second day of school, so on that day and every day thereafter, come dressed out with workout shorts/t-shirt, running shoes, and wrestling shoes.  Bring all those every day, even if not told to specifically.  Failure to dress out will mean bad things, man.  Bad things.


*Also, make sure you get cleared.  Get cleared asap, for we start going after school in Mid October, and you can’t practice after school or compete without being cleared.  You can download a clearance/physical packet here.


*Mandatory parent meeting on Sept 21 (Wed), 6:30pm in the wrestling room. Be prepared for the meeting to last 1-1.5 hrs. If you cannot make that one, there will be others on Oct 19 and Nov 30 for those who can’t attend.    If you can’t attend those, you must initiate phone contact with me and set up a one on one meeting.  No parent meeting=no wrestle!


*Possible meeting on Sept 20 in the works too, but it’s not solid. I’ll let you know via the website if that date is a lock too.  Post to comments if Wed is a bad day for you, and I’ll go off that.


See you all then.

West Coast Wrestler Camp: Juan, Shane, and Christian with NCAA Champion and current UFC fighter Mark Munoz

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