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The world championships just concluded this afternoon.  Jordan Burroughs, who just graduated from college last year, won a world title for the U.S  Check out the match below:

Wanna know how he got like that?  I’ll give you a hint: NOT by sitting on his rear playing video games!

Here are some pre-season tournaments you might want to compete in.  They are not on our official schedule so are not obligatory, however they are encouraged and you can attend them on your own to get ready for the regular season.  The Hauser family will be going to the ones with an asterisk and have graciously offered to help anyone who wants to go.  If you need a ride, contact them:

9/24–Savanna High School (SCWAY)

10/1 San Clemente (no SCWAY or USA card needed!).

*10/1 El Dorado, SCWAY Fall Finale.  Varsity guys, this one is a good one for you to go to.  Top 3 in the varsity bracket at each weight earn $45 towards attending the Las Vegas tournament below.

*Oct 8 – Nuway World Challenge at Clovis West

*Oct 22 – Temecula SpookFest (USA)

Oct 22- Western High School (SCWAY)

*Oct 28-30 – “Freak Show” – Las Vegas (SCWAY)… national action… currently wrestlers from 18 states are registered

As you can see, some of these involve some considerable travel.  Choosing simply one or two would be good.