The Paleo Plan

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First, a few announcements:

*next parent meeting (in case you missed the last one): Oct 19 6:30pm

*Oct 7 immediately after school: head shots for media guide.  Show up at wrestling room at 2:45 wearing a black t-shirt.

*Tues Oct 4: direct mailer fundraiser.  Turn in your name and address sheet to coach on Monday so that we can make the address labels in a timely manner.  Name and address forms were given out at the parent meeting and today to the wrestlers.

*Tues Oct 4: we’ll be doing “Fight Gone Bad” at Orange Coast Crossfit (address on the link provided).  FGB is a bit of a developing tradition for our team: we do it twice a year, and it is one of the records we keep on our record board.  After school at 3pm we’ll leave from Capo (need carpool; we won’t be taking a bus), travel to OCC, and do the workout at 3:45.  Parent pick up or travel back at 4:45.  Cost: $10.  Seriously, its fun (“fun” defined in a certain CV Wrestling way 🙂 )!  If you want in on the action and want a shot at the record board, you need to go.  See video below for a description of FGB by Greg Glassman:



Now, to the main course:  We’ve been talking a lot this week about weight management.  Since there are weight classes in wrestling, it is a theme often discussed and sweated over (no pun intended).  Some of you will want to gain weight, others maintain, while some will choose to lose weight (ie, you get beat during a wrestle off at one weight so choose to drop lower in order to have a spot on the comp. team).  No matter what group you are in, nutrition is incredibly important.  Simply eating whatever will not do.  If you are a weight gainer and need more advice on how to do this (hint: it doesn’t involve exotic, rarely heard of supplements…lots of protein, mostly from milk, will be your prescription…and loooottts of lifting heavy stuff.) past what I shared this week, see me individually.  If you are a weight maintainer, follow the prescriptions for the weight losers, but you may have some grains.  Just make sure it’s *all* whole grains.  No sugar, and heavily processed grains like white rice, flour based foods (most tortillas), etc.  You still must keep an eye on your weight, because it can get out of hand for anyone quickly if you are not disciplined.  Simple rule: eat enough such that your weight is maintained.  You’ll need to experiment and keep a careful eye on your weight and performance to find where this line is.

For the weight losers: I recommend you go “Paleo,” or at least close to it.  Get down to weight by working out more, not eating less.  Cutting meals usually is not productive in the long run.  Y0-yo dieting is definitely out.

What, exactly, is “Paleo?”  This website has a good summary of it, as well as this website.  It really isn’t that complicated.  While I am definitely not as stringent as these two fellas (the first, Mark Sisson, really bashes grains.  I don’t go that far.  Grains can get in the way of weight loss, but they aren’t horrible, and most guys should definitely have * a little* in their diet…just remember: whole, and *not* much!), they are still on the right track, and they provide tons of resources, simple explanations, many sample recipes and target foods.  In a nutshell: fruit, veggies (these two things comprise the carbs allowed for on this plan…not grains!), meat, and plenty of nuts.  Lots of water.  The sample Paleo day in the link above is a little over 2,500 calories.

Start early with this plan, take it down a little at a time, and have a much safer and energy filled season.

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