Posted: September 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes…because you must be a student of the sport.  You must take responsibility for keeping yourself healthy and mobile.   Technique and tenacity aren’t the only things that will make you a champion.  Keeping yourself healthy and injury free (read: injury prevention) is a big part of the equation.  That is the name of the game for this homework assignment.  Knowledge is power, or something like that.

So here’s the deal: nothing big.  Some of you are already doing this.  You need to go to the Mobility WOD website and learn a few stretches/mobility workouts (none are longer than 10 minutes, and all are on video).  Every day (or almost every day) I’ll draw a few names, and whomever is drawn must demonstrate a stretch or mobility workout to the team.  It must be something from that website, something we don’t normally do, and something other than every day stretches (ie, touching toes, etc).  You simply must demonstrate that you’ve been on the website and learning.  I will not require you to have comprehensive knowledge.

One other thing: learn more than one stretch, in case someone drawn before you takes your first stretch.

If you show that you have not been watching the videos and have not done your homework (ie, you wing it), you will get a zero for this assignment and this will affect your grade.

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