Posted: September 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Two quick announcements:

*For Tuesday (tomorrow), please send the names and address form completely filled out with your wrestler to school tomorrow. I was only able to collect two sheets today. We need them well before our direct mailer on the 4th so we can print up address labels. At this juncture, this 3rd fundraiser is incredibly important. Those who are in fall sports are encouraged to participate as well by dropping off their sheet at PE-1 Tuesday. If you are not able to drop it off Tuesday, still bring it to the fundraiser on the 4th (you will just send your letters w.o the typed out address labels).



*I know some varsity guys are going to El Dorado this Saturday, but those that are not–even the rookies–are encouraged to go to the San Clemente tournament. No USA/SCWAY card needed. Only $10 to enter. Weigh ins at 7. Don’t even worry about your weight…just show up and wrestle!


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