Featured Partner: Crossfit South County

Posted: October 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Go from THIS


Some of you have asked about additional strength work options outside of our Capo workouts.  Crossfit is the best strength and exercise program bar none, for anyone, adults, kids, and teens included. The good thing about being in Southern California is that there are Crossfit “boxes” (the CF name for gym) all over the place. Crossfit South County is a box in Laguna Hills located about 5 minutes away from Capo that has a program tailored specifically towards kids and teens. Crossfit workouts are highly varied, challenging, and fun. It is a general preparedness program that prepares teens for any physical task, and its something the whole family can get involved in!

The biggest reason why I promote CF is not because of the physical benefits–though they are legion.  I promote CF because of the mental toughness advantage.  The same ol dumbell curls and lat pulldowns workout doesn’t teach mental toughness, nor does it help wrestlers gain much functional strength.  The CF program does both.  Let’s face it, a wrestler can’t be successful without being mentally tough.


We have found CF workouts are especially effective as a supplement to wrestlers. Mental toughness, mobility, flexibility, strength, power, endurance–CF gives it all. Check out Crossfit South County’s page and give them a call. You’ll be glad you did.


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