Jordan Burroughs Interview

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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See the video below of an interview with world champion Jordan Burroughs…this guy has some good things to say.  No wonder he won the worlds!

*Fundraising update: as of today, we have approximately $6,500 in our account. 13 donations have been given. We have roughly $18,500 left to go to hit our budget. This is very doable if everyone helps out. Therefore: we need your help! If you have not turned in your donation, and/or secured ads for our program guide, please do so. Also very important, our direct mailer fundraiser is Tuesday, and 19 (out of a total of approx. 50 wrestlers) have turned in their names and addresses. This is another way to help out. If you have not turned in your addresses, do so Tuesday. Aliso Niguel, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, and San Clemente are all doing this fundraiser (I just met with the coaches last week) and have reported great success with it specifically because of the numbers they have participating in it. We need $13,430 to be able to cover tournament fees, insurance fees, and to raise the needed amount for our assistant coaching stipends, so at this point, we need $6,900 more to get that much paid for in our budget. See letter sent out via email that will go out Tuesday (I’ve taken the majority of the text from a blast email Cal St. Fullerton Wrestling used while fundraising to save its program…just in case you are wondering where the stats came from.).

*Gear order deadline: Oct 20, no exceptions. Please see the gear order form that was handed out at the parent meeting and to the wrestlers. I’d like everyone to at least purchase a sublimated T shirt and board shorts, for team unity reasons (for example, so we can look like a team for the team photo in November, and so the kids can wear the gear around school on match days, much like the other teams at Capo).

*Oct 7 immediately after school: head shots for media guide. Show up at wrestling room at 2:45 wearing a black t-shirt.

*IMPORTANT: If you plan on transporting another parent’s wrestler (ie, carpool), you must fill out a parent driver form…I just had an athletics dept meeting and was given this form today..don’t kill the messenger..:) See me for form. Conversely, if you plan on letting your son go home with another parent from a meet or practice, there must be written permission. An email will do…simply send me written permission via email. The powers that be seem to be pretty insistent on enforcing this, so get this done as soon as you can–even parents who have carpooled without this for the past 3 years. Also, if your wrestler drives himself and there is a remote possibility that he’ll be transporting himself to *any* meets (example: CIF for varsity…this doens’t apply to most, as most will be taking the bus to dual meets and tournaments and such), he must fill out an athlete self-transport form. See me for this.

*Tues Oct 4: we’ll be doing “Fight Gone Bad” at Orange Coast Crossfit (1677 Superior Ave. Unit H Costa Mesa, California 92627… after school. FGB is a tradition for our team: we do it twice a year, and it is one of the records we keep on our record board. After school at 3pm we’ll leave from Capo (need carpool; we won’t be taking a bus), travel to OCC, and do the workout at 3:45. Parent pick up or travel back at 4:45. Bring $10 to help cover equipment rental and gym rental (this is not in our budget). Seriously, its fun (“fun” defined in a certain CV Wrestling way 🙂 )! If you want in on the action and want a shot at the record board, you need to go. See video on website for a description of FGB by Greg Glassman.

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