Another Stinkin Quiz?!

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Yes….to master Kung Fu, the training  must be severe….and this really ain’t severe.  Step it up, guys.

Nothin strenuous here fellas.  There will be a quiz on the John Wooden Pyramid of Success (below) on Oct 31.  You have a little under a month to study for it.


Easy as pie…memorize the 12 lessons on leadership below the pyramid, then memorize one block per level (and the explanation of it).  Lastly, be able to write a paragraph (7-12 sentences) on some of those you memorized, explaining why they are relevant, on and off the mat.  You do that, you pass with flying colors.  You do that without being cliche and cheezy, and you show some depth, and you are a John Wooden Jedi.


Let’s not make this a stresser.  I know some of you are applying to colleges, wrestling with the SAT, etc, so don’t freak out.  The key here is redeeming time that you already have but you waste.  So, for example, some of you get to school 20 minutes early, and you sit down in a corner and listen to your headphones.  Why not take just FIVE of those minutes per day and study the pyramid?  Or, stop shufflin your feet in the hallway, get to class one minute earlier, and use that time to study the pyramid?  Rather than trolling on Facebook at night (which I KNOW most of you do), take FIVE of those minutes and look over the pyramid?  See?  Easy.  Five minutes a day.


A few things.  As I hope you can already see, I want you to learn how to manage your time.  There are several pockets of wasted time you guys have per day…use it to shape your destiny in a positive way, instead of zoning out.

Secondly and similarly, there are a thousand and one intangibles that make a champion on and off the mat. These things are usually caught than taught, but there will be no “caught” without some sort of “taught.”  Your parents are teaching you these lessons at home, and a little reinforcement is always good.  Remember: technique is important, but the difference between you being a CIF champ one day and you not even making it out of league won’t boil down to how well you can execute a single leg, but will boil down to all those intangibles that you’ve had drilled into your being day after day.

You say you know what it takes to be a champion.  Well, DO YOU?  If yes, then you’ll see the relevance of what you are being asked to do.  Wooden, though he was a basketball coach (we can forgive him), was a genius.  Read his books….all of them.  Sit at his feet and learn.

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