Some Sick Clothing!

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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As we continue in our pre-season training, take a look at what Cornell, one of the top D1 college programs in the country, is doing.  See any familiarities?  This should give you confidence.


Secondly, take another look at our board shorts for this year.  Both the t-shirt and long sleeve shirts will be similarly full of awesomeness (don’t have designs approved 100% for them, but they are gonna be good, just take my word for it).  I’m taking orders until Oct 20.  That is the deadline.

Thanks to Fernando of Clinch Gear for hooking us up with these bad boys. BTW, he can turn you into a bad dude to the bros Coley, Tye, or Logan if you want in on the action.

Also, take a look at our STATE TEAM singlets!  Fernando is also responsible for hooking us up with these.  Anybody who qualifies for the Master’s meet will get one of these IF it is paid for in our budget!  Just imagine your name where the “COLEY” name is (unless you are Kyle or Zane, of course!).  The line for the singlet is pretty far down (it’s in “tier 3”), so we’ve got quite a ways to go.  We are still taking donations, and are still taking ads until Nov 7.  There will also be a fourth fundraiser to be held in November, details to come.  Lets roll up our sleeves and get the job done!

Speaking of, there are some heroic folks who have helped out with fundraising greatly so far.  I’m sending out a special thank you via email (some folks might not want to be named online!).  You guys rock.


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