Another Extra Credit Oppty

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized
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For those who have a low wrestling grade now, here is another way for you to make up points:

Go to the OCThrowdown on Sunday Jan 15 and do a one page write up of how those athletes attack their contests, and how you can apply their mental attitude to wrestling…in other words: “what connections are there between wrestling and the tasks at the OC Throwdown?”

In case you are wondering, yes, that is a gas mask in the picture. Some folks actually do their workouts while wearing a gas mask, kind of like wearing a weight vest while running. Freaky deekey.

The OC Throwdonw is Orange County’s premier Crossfit event.  It is a 2-day event and is absolutely insane.  Some of the most beastly athletes in the nation will be competing. I will not give you credit for going to the first day, because that conflicts with Five Counties (an AWESOME wrestling tournament that the varsity guys will be competing in), and I want the younger guys to have an opportunity to both cheer on Capo and to see the great wrestling at 5 Co on Sat.

So: go to 5 Co. on Saturday, then attend the OC Throwdown on Sunday and do a write up for me.  MAKE SURE TO BRING PROOF THAT YOU WERE THERE (ie, a picture).  Doing both will get you some extra credit to help boost your grade.

PS–the location of the OCTD is yet to be determined.  It is supposed to be a “secret,” ie, held at an “underground” warehouse…somewhere.  Go to the website often (linked above) for updates.  They will post the location of the venue a week or two before the event.

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