A 500% Improvement

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The Cougars brought home 5 medals from the Mann Classic this past Wed and Thurs, which is 5 more than they brought home from the same tournament last year.  Capo finished 11th as a team out of 70 teams, two points out of 10th.  This was accomplished without three starters in the lineup, all of whom most likely would have scored points for the team (two of whom were seeded top 8 in their weight classes).

Christian Hauser took 3rd at 120, Shane Johnston 6th at 132, Phillip O’shea 8th at 170, Juan Hernandez 5th at 195, and Victor Mendoza 5th at 220.  Hauser’s performance has earned him “tough guy of the week.”  He wrestled incredibly tough, wrestling above his seed.  He demonstrated true grit in his last two matches, coming from behind in both to win both.  The third place match was especially notable, as he defeated Walnut’s Ritchie Taira, a returning CIF champion.

Poise: it is one of the necessary ingredients that makes a champion, and Hauser has it, thanks to his considerable off-season training.  He currently owns the school record of number of off-season matches (104 this past off-season alone).  It was only a short time ago that Christian most likely wouldn’t have handled the pressure as well, but he relentlessly has attacked his weaknesses in the off season and turned them into strengths, by seeking out tough competition when others are sitting on their rears watching TV.  He gets it: there really is no easy path to success, and no real secret ingredient…just lots of extra sweat.  He lives and breathes the saying that you really can’t expect success in this sport if you are only a 3-month-a-year wrestler (ie, you only focus on wrestling during wrestling season).  He wrestles 12 months out of the year, and is now reaping the fruits of his labor.

The Mann Classic is one of the toughest tournaments in the state, and you guys are to be congratulated.

  1. Dave Bordner says:

    Great Job Christian!!

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