Courageous Cougar(s)

Posted: January 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ryan Anderson and Joey Ahmadzai are this week’s Courageous Cougars (actually, Joey is this week’s, Ryan was last week’s).  Both boys have really hit the extra training hard over break.  They showed up consistently at Capo, then went to a winter wrestling camp outside of Capo.  What’s more, they both attended Reign training center to get some more training.  These guys are nuts! 


And they are the kind of  kids we want in the program.  Good job fellas!

Reminder what the “Courageous Cougar” award is: the varsity kids often get the lion’s share of the glory.  There are several other ways, though, that non-varsity kids can distinguish themselves: Scholar athlete, 6x club, the promotional poster (any wrestler, varsity or non, who gets 50 off season points gets on the poster), and Courageous Cougar.  The CC award is specifically set for a non-varsity kid each week who is distinguishing himself through training, attitude, performance, or all three.  We want all kids to feel a part of the team, and this gives everyone a chance to earn distinction.


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