Tough Guy

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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CV Wrestling had a bit of a treat yesterday: Capo has had one state champion over the years–Mike Phillips.  Not only did he win state once, but he managed to do it twice back in the late 80’s!  He stopped by to work with the guys and give them some perspective and words of encouragement.  Not only was he a stud wrestler, but he has a first rate intellect as well: he is a phd and works in the biochemistry field.   What’s more, he has a lab in Spain…that’s far out (literally!).  We REALLY appreciate the visit, Mike, and hope to see you around next year.

Kyle Coley is our “tough guy of the week.”  He gutted out an overtime victory over a tough county ranked Laguna Hills wrestler on Tuesday.  He responded to a bit of adversity by turning up the heat on his opponent and getting the job done.  That’s the way to respond: rather than shutting down or responding negatively to adversity, he nailed it.  Good job, Kyle!



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